To personally transform and ascend and awaken to deeper realms of meaning and beauty and truth in life, you always have to have an awareness of your darker nature that came before. You have to be aware that you are always a potential rapist, a sex offender, a killer, in order to eradicate the cycle of guilt and suffering that this causes. Otherwise any attempt to 'help' another person will do nothing more than psychologically project a side of yourself you don't want on the other person, which will lock both you and them in a cycle of guilt and suffering.

Meaning, you frequently have to go down to go up. You always have to keep your ego in check. Look at art. It's always like beauty peeking through something dark and obscure and occult right? Light shining before a cascade of darkness has more of an artistic and emotional and realistic impact than a birth of blinding white light. You also can't keep yourself boxed in and protected too much or you become that of the Naive Lost Little Boy archetype. In order for a song to emotionally resonate and empower people, there's always this background of 'it might fail' against 'it will rise' which means that it does something that you can just relate to naturally, and it doesn't judge you from an ego-centric, sociopathic/vampiric way.

So you realize somebody you want to force sex upon. You don't actually give into shadow completely and rape the person, but you are aware of it. You see somebody you just for whatever reason, want to yell and demean and bully and dehumanize. You don't actually give into this temptation, but you are aware of it. In fact, you let it give you energy. You let it give you a certain sense of vitality and deeper knowledge. You also keep people who are doing this same thing in check, and you will be able to keep the sociopathic politician forces in better shape from being corrupted with their power. (As they already knew all this stuff long before you)

You also stop telling your sad, bad story to energy vampires who use this to try and attempt to stay locked down with you in an unhealthy faux-therapist co-dependent dark relationship, the way that MANY really bad therapists do. You simply stop telling your sad story, or you tell it in a way that is self-renewing and artistic, that they cannot harm you in. You must feel pushed into a greater direction, that you are truly 'going somewhere' you know? And you can only do this with a therapist or social worker who has a deep, great awareness of their shadow. Many therapists are always on the verge or cusp of losing their job and becoming locked up in prison themselves! But that's how they do the most true good in society.

And you do this work all via your relationships. You cannot narcissistically know who you truly are without relationship, it just doesn't work like that. The more connected you are, no matter if you are shy and awkward, the greater you have these revelations and these onions that keep peeling and keep peeling and keep peeling away into what is known as the true you shines forth.

This also gives you a much more realistic view of other people's abilities and outcomes. You will start seeing your friends and family as they truly are, not as how you wish them to be. You will get real respect, positions of great leadership, all that jazz. And you will feel more love too. Everybody will start looking like they're just one big family, cause we are. And the more you do this, trust me- the better it gets.