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    I have come to believe I am Fe-ESE (and though it shouldn't matter, the descriptions of this I've read do apply very well to me).

    I also think my boyfriend is Ne-INTj.

    Here are are test results (I took the MIZAMI test yesterday and didn't like the results... I got SEE which is really not right so today I retook it, very carefully. I really tried to search myself for the way I truly am when answering the questions, instead of rushing through):



    For him, I've settled on INTj based on an overall view of him, his VI, his test results (it's a type to "closely consider") and some of the ways he answered the questions on the test, for example: "I often forget about my physical needs until they become painfully obvious" Boyfriend's answer: Very True.

    I think the idea that I am an extrovert will take getting used to, since I have diagnosed social anxiety disorder. But when I think about it, if it weren't for the anxiety, I am pretty other-directed in my day to day life. When I was on antidepressants for my disorder, I became very social and socially at ease, so perhaps I've been mis-typing myself as an "I" because of something non type-related. Additionally, my core personality is a little more focused on "taking care" than it is on "fun and pleasure" although I do love to have fun. And I really tend to think a lot about the future and the past as well (ESE?).

    Thinking that my boyfriend and I are duals is not really surprising, but does of course make me really happy to realize. When we have an argument/problem, it usually has to do with my emotional state about something unrelated to us, and is over extremely quickly with complete forgiveness on both sides. And we hardly ever have an issue. Typically we don't judge each other harshly and enjoy each other's company. We always find enjoyment in conversing with each other and sometimes stay up almost all night just talking to each other. We really understand each other well.
    It makes sense to me that my boyfriend, though he'd been with lots of other girls and been looking for the right one for a really long time, saw me and realized I was just his type, instantly. He just intuitively knew. I think I wasn't as sure at first, and maybe that's because I have little experience with my dual (I thought I had an INTj brother but he turns out to be an Ne-ENTp). On the other hand, my boyfriend's sister is ESE and oddly enough her elderly family members always mistake me for her; we look a lot alike.

    Thank you all for trying to VI me and help me figure out my type. I'm sure it's been exhausting as I go back and forth from thing to thing!

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    Thank you all for trying to VI me and help me figure out my type. I'm sure it's been exhausting as I go back and forth from thing to thing!
    Well, I didn't contribute very much, but no problemo. :wink:
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