I'm wondering if other people might feel the same way about the following:

I have little to no interest in typing celebrities. The closest thing I would be interested in is typing people with significant influence in society, but who are not related to entertainment (such as actors, musicians, etc).

The idea of using Socionics as a way to determine potential romantic compatibility and to determine the "strength" of a particular function in a type model makes me uncomfortable. I find it very dry and impersonal at times, and slightly disturbing. The only thing I'm really interested right now with Socionics is in the informational aspects, which there's really not much available in terms of articles (at least I haven't found much). I think that there should be more focus on this branch.

I don't see any sound reasoning behind why intertype relations characteristics are supposed to hold... This leads me to the credibility of this aspect of the theory in general, since the major source would be people's testimonies. However, it is not uncommon to see people who say that they identify so much with a certain type, only to change it for another later on, even socionists with more than a decade of experience (i.e Dmitry Lytov).