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Thread: Function Examples (what each is best at)

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    Default Function Examples (what each is best at)

    I'd like to know what each function can do and how it does it, through real life examples, like mastering games such as chess, performing tasks such as musical composition, making temporary connections such as noticing ahead of time when it's the wrong time to enter the freeway, or making figurative connections like noticing the implications of satire. Feel free to give real life examples of the functions you come upon in your day to day observations.

    Rules to Follow (please)
    - For each example, come up with a simple defining phrase, put it in bold, and can be as simple as: "function" is best at "this," and place it at the beginning.
    - Follow this up with a clear explanation.
    - Use smiley versions of the functions for simplicity of interpretation, that'd be and .
    - Try to summarize a few detailed sentences at a time.

    Thanks :wink:
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    Is best at discerning what is important and what isn't.
    Is best at reading a persons body language.

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