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    Default Type this Conversation

    This was a conversation I was observing between two people:

    Person 1: Why would you want to major in physics? I think you only want to major in physics because your friend Chris gave you the idea.

    Person 2: He gave me the idea to major in physics, because I told him that I was interested in it and this was after I started reading about it.

    Person 1: Yes, but by listening to him, you're not listening to what you really want.

    Person 2: You think that this is not what I really want because it was someone else's suggestion? Had he suggested a major that I wouldn't be interested in, I would never have seriously considered it.

    Person 1: Yes, but you're still not listening to what you really want.

    Person 2: How is being open to other people's suggestions not listening to what you really want?

    Person 1: Do you think studying physics makes you like Einstein?

    Person 2: I find Einstein interesting, and I find physics interesting. What's wrong with following in the footsteps of someone whose ideas you find interesting or majoring in something you find interesting?

    Person 1: It's wrong, because you're not listening to yourself.

    Person 2: I am listening to myself. It just so happens that being myself involves finding a place for myself through others' ideas.


    Type the people in this conversation.

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    Person 1 is essentially seeing Person 2 as having a dual-seeking, or super-id. That could mean that Person 1 is super-id himself/herself and is projecting that onto Person 2 (the "isn't everyone like that" syndrome), or that Person 1 has accurately observed that trait in Person 2 and is just calling Person 2 on it. It's hard to be certain since Person 2 does seem a bit defensive.

    We observe a similar phenomenon here on the forum. Mimosa Pudica (for instance) has suggested that many people are my "blind followers" - an idea I find repulsive, and I doubt is shared by many of those themselves, yet she seems to take it for granted that they would be so inclined.

    Likewise, some of those who don't really understand what socionics is about are prone to assume that others are Augusta's "blind followers". It's exactly the same phenomenon as illustrated by that dialogue.
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    # 1 LII
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    # 1: "listen to my powerful , you are being illogical"
    # 2: "let me succeed at my hidden agenda and don't rain on my parade"
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