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Thread: Which octagon do I fall under?

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    Default Which Octagon do I fall under?

    I am looking to find out which dodecahedron I fall under within the octet set of triplets (triplets being there are only 3 types per anti-quadra).

    I should point out that there are certain types in life who i've found that I get on better with than other types, and there are some types who i've typically found that it is difficult for me to relate to. But at the same time I see no point in discussing who I get on with because I wouldn't want to produce any mis-leading results incase someone decided to use inter-type relations to assist with this.

    I also find I have a tendency to randomly spew about 5 or 6 elements all at the one time, so I think this should help clarify things for me. Infact I was told yesterday that I use all 11.5 functions within the four function model x block.

    Any input on this would be valued.

    Hope this helps, thanks folks!
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    There's no such word as 'dodecahedron'. You just said that to make yourself sound important.

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