Do certain types prefer sightseeing to other types?

For example, when I go on holidays to different countries with my mother (ESE), she's very insistent that we "don't miss out" on seeing tourist attractions and being photographed in front of them. Most of the time I'm just standing in front of things smiling for the camera, then rushing to the next place to stand and smile. I find it incredibly stressful and annoying.

On the other hand, when I go to a different country, I prefer to soak up the "feel" of the country, trying to imagine what it's like living there, noticing the little differences between that place and home. I feel like I might need to take a couple of photos to remind me later on that I've been there, but most of them don't feature me.

Is it related to specific functions? Or temperament? Or is it just related to how many blank walls in your house you have to fill?