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    Default Personal Fulfillment

    Recently I've been interested in the possibility of using Socionics to determine more or less the sort of things that a type would find personally fulfilling in terms of lifetime achievements. I know this could be influenced to a significant degree by the defining aspects of a person's unique personality and life experiences. However, I do believe that there could be some general themes involved for a particular types. It would be interesting to find similarities.

    For me, it's the thought of being in a position of leadership at some point. But it's not just being a leader, but a competent one, who is able to delegate and has enough knowledge to know how to change things. Someone who is also able to control feelings, but not to suppress them, knowing how to direct them elsewhere. To me, becoming this type of leader would definitely be one of my ultimate forms of fulfillment, however difficult it would be.

    On the other hand, it would also be personally fulfilling to be very skilled at various arts, be it music, or in general things that involve external stimuli of appreciable quality.

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    So I've decided to take a stab at how this could be predicted for a particular type using Smilingeye's article. It basically consists of extracting the information related to each group the particular type is in, and try to create a general idea of what might ultimately fulfill this type based on the information for the different cycles. I don't know if this is how it's "supposed" to be used, but I thought it would be interesting to try it.

    Now I'm going to experiment on myself, having already described what I would find fulfilling in the previous post, without using the Smilexian cycle information as my base. The following section is extracted from the article, only including those clubs that apply to the INFj type (which I am fairly certain is my type).

    Static-Calculating-Strategic INTj-ESTp-ESFp-INFj
    The other gamesmanship-group but with tendency to optimise game strategy according to personal motivation, not situational control. Particularly recognizable for their ability to maintain control over their personal territory.

    Static-Aristocratic-Narrator ESTp-INFj-ISTj-ENFp
    In opposition to the other narrator group, this one is more clear about personally important information and accepted explanations. They're not exactly the servants of groups, more like wary and capable members. The mirror pairs' disagreements would generally center around beta versus delta values ( to be further determined later, and also discussed in various other places).

    Strategic-Process-Feeling ISFp-ENFj-ESFp-INFj
    This would be a group of people enveloped into an activity that has a deeper significance to them. This group is as passionate as the previous one about what it does but rather more caring about the end result, more open to discussion and choice of methods/ ways to achieve the end result, more collaborative. On the other hand they can be a bit helpless, a lot of talk and little action.

    Intuitive-process-creationcreating ENTp INFj INTp ENFj

    These would be people who are trying to furiously take a mental process to it's natural end. They have a pattern in their head, something to maintain, but it doesn't have a concrete form, so they can't just put it down so they could pick it up again later. It takes their time and defines them as people. A personal project of sorts, something they need to go through. They can pitch well developed ideas at each other but aren't so good at discussing them, the matter is usually already settled in their heads when they bring it up. They can form either a sort of intuitive slightly dissonant "club" group or they can divide to two activity couples the same way the previous grouping did. One could also call them people with "issues".

    Strategic-Narrative-Compliant ISFp ESTp ENTj INFj
    These would be people who most carefully pick their side on an issue based on their complete understanding of matters related to it. They can be moved under changing conditions though and when the conditions do change, their jumping ship may surprise people greatly as they may have been active advocates of the previous situation as well. They can also be open to persuasion.

    INTp - ENTj - INFj - ENFp : narrator - grave - intuitive
    Explanations of the downplaying variety. Errs on the side of believing things to be more certain than they are. Believing 'things just happen' and avoiding the personal element of the issue.

    ENFp - INFj - ISFp - ESFj : feeling - narrator - judicious
    People who approach select, chosen people and try to create a group of selected friends.

    ESTj - INFj - INTj - ESFj : rational - judicious - calculating
    Making elaborate, non-realistic plans and acting on them. Comfort through personal choices.

    ESTj - ENTj - INFj - ISFj : rational - grave - compliant
    Seeing little potential in the environment, is willing to accept it. Stopping struggling.

    ESTj - INFj - ENFj - ISTj : rational - aristocratic - process
    Accepting a task as a personal duty and doing whatever one is capable to accomplish it.

    ESTj - INFj - ESFp - INTp : grave - process - calculating
    Careful, determined navigation of course with little expectations good results but trying to avoid the worst.

    ESTj - ISFp - INFj - ENTp: process - compliant - judicious
    Accepting what needs to be done, and taking upon oneself to do it, inserting one's input through choosing the path of execution.

    ESTp - INFp - INFj - ESTj : compliant - calculating - aristocratic
    These are people who are taking heed and agreeing with the environment. Inclined to make sure of things. Careful preparation.

    ISTp - INFj - ISFp - INTj : cold - judicious - strategic
    Confidence in personal choices, rare and strange priorities.

    ISTp - INFj - ISFp - INTj : cold - resolute - tactical
    Making oneself generally useful.

    ISTp - INFj - INTp - ISFj : cold - creation-creating - grave
    Having understood through experience the weakness of the individual and accepting it. Having a learned method to cope with it.

    ISTp - INFj - INFp - ISTj : cold - positive - aristocratic
    Social managers. Confident over their roles in the society, are liberated by filling that role.

    ESFp - ENTj - INFj - ISTp : grave - positive - strategic
    Having focus on what one considers the most important thing and the capabilities it confers. Laxity over "minor issues".

    ENTp - ESFj - INFj - ISTp : positive - judicious - creation-creating
    Comfort. Choosing familiar, personally suitable, nice ideas and ignoring the problems.

    ESTp - ENFj - INFj - ISTp : strategic - creation-creating - aristocratic
    The group consists of people who are slowly giving up what they've trusted and upheld and finding new goals of value. They sort of hang on to what they know though they're no longer really supported by it. This group seems to act in self-defeating ways.

    ISTj - INFj - ENTj - ESFj : narrator - rational - positive
    Habitually all-knowing, seeing the good possibilities and convinced of their ability to control systems.

    ISTj - INTp - INFj - ISFp : narrator - process - cold
    People carried away by their own story, unable to relate to other possibilities.


    On a side note, what I find very interesting of the Smilexian socionics is that the perspective taken to describe each type seems so different from the type descriptions I've seen beforehand. It's not concentrated on the social aspects of type behavior, but more so on how each is productive. This makes me wonder if it is possible to have another set of description which run "parallel" to this one, but with a different perspective. I don't know if this really makes much sense, but it seems logical for me for this to be true somehow.

    Anyway, from the above quotations, I do see some similarities between what I described as being fulfilling in terms of being a leader and what is mentioned in the groups. However, I think it would be hard to actually take all of the information from each group and compile them into something that would be cohesive and accurate in trying to determine a type's fulfillment. I will try to look into this some more later, and see if it might be possible.

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