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    Default STFU.

    I'm a Seven, he's a Seven.

    I'm an ENFP, he's an ENFP.

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    American actor and comedian.
    is basically self-evident. Some people have interpreted his tangential comedic approach as leading . From IMDB:
    "Wild improvised stream-of-consciousness comedy dialogue where he will do cultural references, impersonations and one liners with rapid switching."
    I don't associate any of these things with , although, superficially, one might relate improvisation and "rapid switching" to irrationality (I disagree). However, I've seen the same behavior in types often enough to discredit that view. The impersonations are very much related, and the tangents (often involving storytelling, which is not an forte!) arise because of "something that reminds you of something else." The content of the tangents and improvisations is people and stories, not a way of looking at things or insight, or a recognition of absurdity. Therefore, is off the table.

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    /me throws a football at you.

    /me laughs at you cause you can't catch it.
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    This is completely true.

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