I know this ESTp that is pretty 'off the rails'. He's withdrawn, and lacks the ESTp spark, he seems so caged like he's not free to be himself with anyone. He's pretty much getting high every time I see him, he's not doing anything with his life, and seems to only hold shallow relations with people and he's also wicked violent, like kids will wind him up and up and after a point he goes fucking mental and kicks the shit out of them. . If an ESTp is becoming violent, is this a 'normal adolescent' ESTp deal? Also what helps ESTps deal with their anger and pain in non-destructive ways? What enables an ESTp to become more empathic?

I'd really appreciate it if any ESTps could share stories of emotional blowouts and what was going on inside of them which resulted in the blowout.

It seems like this kid is lonely, maybe he just needs someone to care...

Oh and for once this has got nothing to do with sex lol. I just feel like nobody else gives a shit about him and if everyone is writing him off then he's just going to fall further down.

Has anyone had any experience with helping unhealthy ESTps get better or are there any ESTps here who have been unhealthy themselves and got through it?

Is there anything I can do or is it a little pointless =/?