I put a pretty bow on things.
But it's greater than that.
I am the pretty bow.
I am the icing on the cake.
I am pure sugar.

I simply FEEL good.
I am the treat, the dessert.
So naturally I am pointless, you don't really NEED me

But I just taste SO FUCKING GOOD.
If you have too much of me, like eating too many cookies -- you get lethargic and fat- and ignore your responsibilities, and the stuff in the world that actually matters

So therefore you need me in small doses. Since I put the 'happy face' on it, the ideal cookie...the frosting layer. Since I am pure delicious FAT that makes you thighs quiver and orgasm... you have to treat me in a certain way... I have to be handled correctly, since I'm such a romantic bliss of pure gay dripping cuteness.

Life without fat might be nice. But you need a LITTLE fat to keep going - just like you need a LITTLE of me. I cushion and protect you from harm... I am the flesh of human experience. I offer little substance. Just general fun.

Bows might be pointless. So you untie the bow. But it's still just sugary high-fat high-calorie (no nutrition or vitamins) gonzo porn FLUFF that tastes sooooooooooooooooo heavenly if you haven't had any in awhile. But I will pwn your soul with my sugary pureness. I will give you cavities and heart attacks and heart aches and 234238 diseases and psychological complexes if you indulge too much of me so please- since I'm such a pure good drug- USE ME WISELY. My effort to remain innocent, to remain sugary sweet- this is the consequence that I accept. I am literally sin itself.