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Thread: Extraverted/Ethical types produce the social medium

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    Default Extraverted/Ethical types produce the social medium

    Dunbar's number - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In this way, I believe introverts would either be logical--and thus turn away from the social sphere, or be ethical, and keep track of individual links between people.

    As extraverts inherently understand the world as being a set with discrete objects, they are able to store more than 150 individual entries.

    What I've been trying to do before this is figure out group size/movement for the various quadras. Since that's unlikely to happen, here I am!

    Alphas: ESEs tend to have a superficial association with a wide array of people.

    Betas: EIEs tend to rally people around a cause.

    Deltas: IEEs naturally are highly mobile and good networkers.

    Gammas: SEEs are highly mobile?

    I don't like either of the Decisive quadras for this. I really need your input, guys!

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    *shakes fist*

    But props on the Dunbar's number. That's a concept often brought up in the anarchist community nowadays. That sociobiology stuff tickles my Ti-Si. yay.

    Now conscripting, for more information come here:

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