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    Default Queer as Folk

    (American version)

    I think the show's main characters are mostly Ne-Si. I typed a lot of the couples as duals because I'm biased like that.

    Michael: ENFp
    Brian: ENTp
    Justin: ISFp
    Emmett: ESFj
    Ted: INTj
    Ben: ISTp
    Melanie: ESTj
    Lindsay: INFj
    Debbie: ENFj
    Carl (Debbie's bf): ISTj
    Vic (Debbie's brother): ?
    Drew (closeted football player): ISTj?
    David (Michael's old bf): ISFj?
    Jennifer (Justin's mother): ?
    Ethan (violin player): NF, pretentious subtype
    Hunter (Michael and Ben's son): ?
    Daphne (Justin's fag hag): ?
    Blake (drug addict): ?
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