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    "Exams will be soon / So instead of working hard / I'll write some haiku."30 minutes ago

    12:34am Gul:
    Exams will be soon//So instead of writing this//I'll just be... oh damn.

    12:36am Not:
    Metre and Rhythm / are like rodents in a barn / Elusive but rewarding
    Ah Irony is / the finest permutation / wittiness.

    12:38am Gul:
    Your non-conforming/Will be your end, my friend/It's never too late.

    12:39am Not:
    7 syllables / is the normal quantity / for the seond line

    12:40am Gul:
    A brief err of sight/Please forgive my dire mistake/THIS IS WAY TOO HARD

    12:40am Not:
    * the second to last / should read not "wittiness" but / "of my wittiness"

    12:42am Not:
    A noble effort / And praisewothy, my dear chap / I will forgive you.

    12:42am Gul:
    Counting syllables/Scratches the palm of my hand/That is what is hard

    12:43am Not:
    I will not pretend / that I understood that all / please do clarify

    12:45am Gul:
    To count syllables/I hold my fingers in palm/Then flick them outward
    A process painful/The motion scratches my palms/But, I've a new way!

    12:46am Not:
    Indeed great tidings / do not withold. Inform me! / What is this new way?

    12:48am Gul:
    Ignorance is bliss/Though, knowledge is power/Therefore, be happy

    12:49am Not:
    Though you would insist / I will not give you power / Once more I insist

    12:51am Gul:
    Oh, I can't resist/My counting is through tapping/Give me some credit

    12:52am Not:
    It would seem once more / that you have forgotten: "Though / knowledge is power"

    12:53am Gul:
    But you too are blind/It is clear I am greater/In power and bliss!

    12:53am Not:
    And now I must go / Do practice, refine your skills / Now I say adieu

    12:54am Gul:
    Run far away, dog/And dwell on your weaknesses/You should give up hope!


    Not at 12:18am February 24
    Was this taken at school outside the north blackett/war memorial building?

    Gul at 12:26am February 24
    You know, you yourself took /the exact same photo/.

    Not at 12:29am February 24
    Yes. Its on my phone. As the background. I don't remember you being there. For some reason I thought it was xxx. *Shrugs as the full consequences of the disturbing comparison roll away like oil drums across an intersection*

    Gul at 12:34am February 24
    Out of the frying pan, into the intersection d:

    Not at 12:36am February 24
    Ah that's too funny / You've out done yourself this time / with your witty phrase.

    Gul at 12:39am February 24
    So what brought this on//It's ever so strange a fad//But if it can spread...

    Not at 12:39am February 24
    Haiku are awesome / I would not come to this place / denouncing haiku.
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    Two IEEs.

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