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Thread: No more dirty harrys

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    Default No more dirty harrys

    "where have all the cowboys gone"

    So I'm watching AMC right now and seeing one of the Dirty Harry movies - The Enforcer.

    Outside of the awesome remarks - like just now "Kate.... whoever draws you as a partner could do a hell of a lot worse" - there's sticking it to the mayor part. As the mayor is trying to make himself look good and do all sorts of self promotion (based on lies), Harry reacts strongly against it.

    I know there are movies in the world that show off good nobility so to say, but, many of them come off as more "candy-ass", for lack of a better term. I suppose I could say "nowadays, there are no more dirty harrys", but that seems to imply that there were more of them at some point in the past.

    Harry Callahan is a badass, it's refreshing to see something like that portrayed in movies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UDP View Post
    Harry Callahan is a badass, it's refreshing to see something like that portrayed in movies.

    We'll just have to keep rewatching GRAN TORINO to pull us through. It's the closest we're going to get in a good while. Sly Stallone is remaking DEATH WISH. He's a competent director, so perhaps there's reason for optimism.

    Here's the moral dilemma Sly want's to present:
    completely violent, an ex convict who walked the walk, was accepted back into society and did everything he could to be a [good person] like these thieves and junkies who now work on the side of the law. They’ve gone that way, but when something happens he reverts back to that guy.”

    “I think Death Wish, if it were done today, would be volcanic. The idea of Jeff Goldblum being a mugger [in the original film] who breaks into an apartment is very simplistic. It gives you an idea how bad the elevation of violence has become. I would focus on defense attorneys, I would focus on [the people] allowing this crap to happen — not so much the guy on the street. It’s like, ‘Who permits it?’ What if it happened to you, that your daughter was grabbed and her eyes were put out? Would you want to sit there and defend that guy? There’s moral questions here that are being presented that have not been answered in 30 years.”
    Sounds like Sly wants to re-create more of what you're looking for UDP.

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