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Thread: Positive Disintegration and Socionics

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    Default Positive Disintegration and Socionics

    This is an awesome little something I came across in my various adventures as the world's most beloved unpaid counsellor.

    Here's some interesting points about PDI:

    1) The base state is in controlled service to one of the first two "growth factors": antisocial self-service (biological impulse) and/or yielding to the status quo (peer pressure).

    Dąbrowski observed that most people live their lives in a state of "primary or primitive integration" largely guided by biological impulses ("first factor") and/or by uncritical endorsement and adherence to social convention ("second factor").
    2) People who have godawful damn lives turn into the goddamn Batman, only not crazy.

    Dąbrowski also described a group of people who display a different course: an individualized developmental pathway. These people break away from an automatic, rote, socialized view of life (which Dąbrowski called negative adjustment) and move into and through a series of personal disintegrations. Dąbrowski saw these disintegrations as a key element in the overall developmental process. Crises challenge our status quo and cause us to review our self, ideas, values, thoughts, ideals, etc.
    3) Not everybody can grow. Not everyone is sensitive enough to have a tough life.

    Now, is this integrable with socionics? Is it at odds?

    Gentlemen, discuss.


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    Imho (and I've been occupied with Dabrowski for a while) it is only partly socionics related: all types are capable of going through an existential crisis (e.g. midlife) and emerging from it changed in a way that old values are discarded and new ones consciously accepted.

    My own personal opinion: when you have arrived at level 5, you basically have gone through a process of self-acceptance. In Socionic terms: you will have accepted your true nature, thus the quadra values that fit you best, whereas previously you might have adopted values from a quadra that doesn't fit you well. That's how it went for me.

    Dabrowski's theory has been a great help for me, because it allowed me to view my existential crisis as a process of self-actualization instead of a process of curing an illness.
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