Here are a few of the people close to me and what types I think they could be. I’m relatively uncertain about a lot of them, particularly since I’ve been here and back re: my own type, but perhaps this will help. My goal here is to give an idea of how I'd describe my peeps and relate to them (as well as how they relate to each other). Naturally this might take a while (and I'm notoriously slow at this kind of thing anyway), but feel free to comment or whatever.

Brother: INTj, ENTp

My twin brother and I are very close. Not in an emotional way. That is, we don’t talk about how we feel about things, which is fine and preferable on both our parts. There is no overt deep emotional expression. At the same time however, it’s relatively easy to gauge how he is feeling at any given time, as it tends to reveal itself in very outward ways. When something comes up that he doesn’t want to do, his energy (usually a sustained level of enthusiasm) evaporates into sulking. This almost without fail makes you want to take some of the burden off his shoulders, to make him feel better.

This tends to draw different responses from the family. My dad might try to change the subject to something else, anything else, while plowing ahead on the task anyway and expecting my brother to do the same. My mom will sympathize with my brother about how she knows it’s not fun but that we still need to get through it. She might propose doing something more enjoyable afterwards. My response in the situation is usually to direct the conversation to the topics he and I usually have rather enthusiastically, which frankly revolves around video games, movies, books, etc while doing a good share of his work. My younger sister, negative already, tends to internally magnify the negativity to a point where she becomes hopeless, convinced that the only certainty in the future is a horrible time/event/thing at which point my brother’s sulking is the least of anyone’s problem (as that’s when she starts to lash out). My youngest sister probably takes it the worst (as in least helpful to my brother) in that this annoys her intensely. She tells him to ‘just do it already’, which almost without fail makes my brother more stubbornly set against doing anything.

The content and style of my conversations with my brother is that he focuses on identifying and manipulating factors within a system to see what happens. Examples are when he uses rule sets he likes to imagine all the things he can do with it to produce thoroughly unique, sometimes unintended, and perhaps impractical, results. This sort of exploration is something he enjoys a lot. When we talk this can show itself in a lot of different ways, such as probing questions that seem pretty adept at digging up the kind of information consequential to forming a sort of systematic view of whatever the conversation is about.

Once I picked my brother up and on the way to where we were going he was asking me about the housing bubble/crisis. He’s a smart guy, so I know he had heard things and come to some ideas about it, but he has this way of approaching other people as if he’s completely ignorant on the issue to see how they would explain it to someone who might not have any preconceptions. Also, he’s prone to playing the devil’s advocate as well, so that he can get a better grasp on all the different sides. I was trying to explain the gist of the issue as best I could and he’d ask another more pointed question, until the general layout of the problem was more or less expressed, then we’d talk about possible solutions where he’d come up with some pretty unorthodox and entertaining ideas.