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Thread: IEI guidebook, part 1

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    Default IEI guidebook, part 1

    Ni dampens and white washes pain.... by instinctively sensing the general/big picture, always having head in the clouds- it helps IEI relax and calm down, must just accept he will probably always be a few years behind his peers as far as routine tasks go. Therefore, the only thing really do is to relax and go with the flow, and be good-natured as to let others do favors for him and to help him learn how to do things. IEI will be teased as the 'doing part' of things is clearly observed to be poor in situations. Can only get ahead by appealing to others' good will.

    'Your nervous- I'm nervous.' Because the emotional well-being of the IEI is so important for society and the community, since IEI is so generally good-natured and honest (like his lookalike, SEI) IEI needs to do a lot of self-help work to focus on becoming more relaxed and gently accepting of reality, without being the one that directly impacts it. That is the key. Must use strong Ni coupled with Fe to get through something, as IEI is such a naturally strong recorder/writer, others will want to listen to the advice IEIs absorbed from their experiences. The big picture is so important and something all of us desires to know. 'How did this make me feel vs. what do I have to do?' Let other people take care of the 'what do I have to do part?' Will avoid and not live life if IEI approaches something as 'having to get something done.' Phrases like 'well you have to do it, everybody does' will not motivate an IEI at all.

    IEIs can accurately counsel people about emotional struggles whereas other types would give horrible advice in this area. So they soothe/heal other people in this fashion, as well as their own. More experienced IEIs are wonderful at helping less experienced IEIs. IEIs are great advocates for people with unique circumstances that really have something to offer (usually allies to the 'macho thug that is a softie underneath' so to speak - ie dualization with SLEs), and can disarm/smooth out 'corporate Te prickness.'

    To cut down on IEIs tendency to over-romanticize, requires gently giving up of oneself.. to just keep 'letting go' and to resist arguing with others, as that will just inevitably make the competition hound on the IEIs obvious weaknesses. With extremely efficient introverted intuition, IEIs are pure lightning rods/receptors of information. The advice 'give, don't receive' might be important for other types, but for IEIs this is hard to do because it's so easy for them to naturally take something in... the general feeling of a place, the mood etc. Reality quickly overwhelms them, so meditation/appealing to IEIs strong inner strength helps IEI simply just take in reality, and then to guide things to make it better vs. ideal writing and storytelling. Still, you tend to only feel better when you give of yourself, so IEIs probably need to pay closer attention if their own happiness isn't hampered by being too self-conscious.

    IEIs are quite sensitive to external stimuli. May feel the need to do a lifelong process of daydream/reflection just by living one day fully. IEIs usually come to the conclusion things weren't as bad as they thought. IEIs quickly gain empathy from others by simply living life and experiencing hardship, as other people (as long as they aren't sociopaths) understand they absorb things deeper. (This isn't being emo it's just the way our brains are wired, so fuck off if you insult me on that) IEIs can properly avoid situations where they know they probably won't belong. Also, IEIs can be pleasantly surprised when reality does, once in a great while, act exactly as how it should. There's always a glimpse or a shade of their romanticism in everything in the world just kinda waiting to naturally be unlocked when the circumstances unfold right.

    Pro-tip of the day: Do something objective/external... anything! just one thing, something the 'real world is watching you' sort of thing- just to get other people off your back so you can explore what you REALLY want in life: your true love, your creative pursuits, writing soap opera fan fiction, you talking about weird shit. You can get by with so very little just because other people are usually sympathetic to how you get along with people you just 'hate doing stuff.' Which of course, means avoiding LSEs.

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    "IEI will be teased as the 'doing part' of things is clearly observed to be poor in situations. Can only get ahead by appealing to others' good will."


    I think that is not completely true, you make the INFp sound completely dependant on others to get anywhere in life.

    The IEI I will agree isn't the best at getting in the flow with the real world and seeing the "necessary" responsibilities done; I think this is due to the IEI being caught up in the Ni - very intuitive, big picture, dreamy, imaginative.

    I think the IEI gets by through following their own compass; being perceptive of how Fe plays into the big picture of Ni and using that to guide and propel themselves through life in an important and meaningful way that may be a little of the routine path.

    Other types, being fair, I think can't get that meaning and importance so heavily - all the time. They believe doing the "necessary" responsibilities will lead them into some important or meaningful or they believe the "necessary" responsibilities are meaningful and important. The INFp believes doing something important or meaningful is the "necessary" responsibility.

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