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    Ive just been watching a professional XFX gaming series about Counterstrike and they talked to pro gamer Fatal1ty. So what type is this man? I dont actually know a lot about him, although ive heard about him over the years.

    For anyone laughing at him (girls ), he has won approximately US $500,000, 12 time world champion in 5 different games! According to Wikipedia. He has his own business Fatal1ty, Inc selling all different computer peripherals. He seems to be a likeable guy.

    My INTj friend who likes to compete in games and is pretty good seems to have a little bit of contempt for him. He said that Wendel is really good at picking up new computer games fast, and tends to win as a game comes out. Over time however, as other players start to come up the ranks and build the tactics, he will move on to a new game.

    In the short interview i watched, they asked him what made him so good, and he listed physical fitness to have the endurance. He would acutally run miles in the morning before tournaments etc. He also said he played sports!

    Just to quote my INTj friend from msn
    "Yeah, his playing style got very overconfident after a while. I didn't understand why he didn't adapt. Well, for example, when you play even non-pro players - going up a jump pad with the other guy waiting for you, can be suicide - you're an easy target. I saw him throw away several kills doing this in one game against a really crappy player

    I also remember, however, that the same confidence used won him a huge final against a player who was *far* smarter than him".

    Fatal1ty Pwns a Lil Asian Girl!!

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