Can I tame the beast within
If I'm not hard on me, who will be
Can I quiet the beast within
The monster that just wants me to keep biting
Underground in eternal darkness

You wanted to connect
But I just pushed you away
Fear and love and sex
Blended together to become all the same thing

You had hopes, you had dreams
Now you're singing your sad tune in the darkness with me

Everything feels so dark
Everything feels so bad

The wayward get curious about the dark
With no heroes to save them
It consumed many a potential
You always have that choice, but you feel if it comes all at once
It will kill you
So you settled for tiny sparks, and most days it just doesn't feel like enough

But we can't be perfect, darkness expands
The sun always comes up, and the sun always sets
It's hard to liberate and encourage you when you always seem to be up
But it's a lie, I see the veil - take it off, I won't kill you if you're in pain
I won't kill you if you're in pain
I'm still human, I go for the hurt- I don't go for the kill

So stay down and restrained
Thank the darkness
Kiss the beast
Buy it presents
Is there really any other way
Your time will come if, you just remember that-
Sadness can teach you something
Sadness can teach you something

Nobody wants to be the bad guy I-
Don't think you can still properly internalize
The destruction you are capable of

You are unsure, keep guessing
You are never the one
You can't go at it alone
People want you to be happy, but you know, you have
A lot of work left on you to do. Show your real face,
If it's a vampire- that is fine. Even they need to be loved, but
Oh we still won't let you hurt that person. We still will make you feel like shit for it

Everything can feel - it's not about that, sadly
that doesn't give you a free pass
Because you can deeply feel love, now does it?

Not many people, do it, none of us truly make it, looking at the corpses walking around,
None of us really ever vanquish the darkness within.
Invite death and destruction and eternal suffering easily, or go through a painful long-winded quest to save your spark
There's no god, oh you have to save yourself, we can help you
But you have to save yourself

Don't lie about your spark, you can't lie
Don't be fake like that, don't be a stupid unhealthy 3
The 4s see that shit, roll their eyes and write emo poetry about it

Don't ever lie about your spark,
Fight for it no matter how long it takes. And it will be long, but you gotta remain that
Spark in your eye