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    Default Type these conversations!

    Type "person A" and "person B"....
    They refer to alot of keirsey so here
    This is the first conversation

    12:00:21 AM A----: man
    12:00:24 AM A----: crazyniss
    12:00:25 AM A----: dawg
    12:00:33 AM A----: spencer does kinda remind me of an idealist
    12:00:38 AM B: he is man
    12:00:44 AM A----: dude I bet it was roland that pissed on your chair
    12:00:49 AM B: spencer is a healer
    12:00:55 AM B: lol i dunno who it was
    12:04:20 AM A----: a healer...
    12:04:22 AM A----: interesting
    12:04:43 AM B: im pretty sure
    12:04:46 AM B: i could be wrong
    12:05:13 AM B: u really dont think bear is a promoter
    12:05:15 AM B: man
    12:05:24 AM B: i think there is a good possibility he is
    12:05:39 AM B: how else would he get according to randy 'so many
    beautiful women'
    12:06:01 AM A----: man
    12:06:09 AM A----: bears beautiful women are ugly as hell
    12:06:14 AM A----: bears girlfriend is ugly
    12:06:19 AM A----: randly likes ugly ass women
    12:06:23 AM A----: bear is a guardian dude
    12:06:28 AM A----: for sure
    12:06:58 AM B: i dunno man
    12:07:10 AM A----: estp
    12:07:17 AM B: bear can be quite manipulative and hes artistic
    when it comes to death
    12:07:21 AM A----: woops
    12:07:33 AM A----: man bear cannot promote worth a damn
    12:07:40 AM A----: or maybe he can
    12:07:48 AM A----: but he doesnt have alot of artisan qualities
    12:08:15 AM A----: man I think micheal anne is an idealist
    12:08:23 AM A----: or an artisan
    12:08:25 AM A----: not sure yet
    12:08:31 AM B: yea lol
    12:08:32 AM A----: but she has alot of idealist qualities
    12:08:54 AM B: according to keirsey 10% of peeps in america are
    12:10:36 AM A----: I think the number is alittle smaller
    12:10:47 AM B: yea maybe
    12:10:49 AM A----: do you think promoter is the most common out of all
    12:11:15 AM A----: cause at least half of america is guardians
    12:11:45 AM B: promoters and performers
    12:11:51 AM B: prolly equal
    12:12:05 AM B: archetects and masterminds are the rarest
    12:12:21 AM A----: interesting
    12:12:39 AM B: i dunno i could be wrong
    12:12:42 AM A----: man travis hated the idea of being a guardian
    12:12:43 AM A----: lol
    12:12:44 AM B: rationales are the rarest
    12:12:51 AM A----: then he accepted it when we were on the tread mill
    12:12:54 AM B: idealist are the nicest people
    12:13:02 AM B: artisans bring life to people
    12:13:09 AM B: guardians serve and protect
    12:13:11 AM A----: the thought about a video game character and was like
    "Oh Ok... I am like him with the big sword"
    12:13:18 AM A----: true
    12:13:19 AM B: rationals analyze what the other three do
    12:13:28 AM A----: mmhhm
    12:13:36 AM A----: man I think she is a idealist
    12:13:39 AM A----: micheal anne
    12:13:49 AM B: man itd suck to be an introverted rational
    12:14:04 AM B: life would seem pointless
    12:14:20 AM A----: I know dude
    12:14:33 AM A----: all PJ does is analyze and interpett
    12:14:39 AM A----: I spelled that wrong lol
    12:14:42 AM A----: oh well
    12:14:44 AM A----: hey niggy
    12:14:45 AM B: he does man
    12:14:50 AM B: sup fool
    12:14:53 AM A----: jason is so damned introverted
    12:14:56 AM A----: man
    12:15:00 AM B: lol
    12:15:05 AM A----: he is even introverted to his family and friends
    12:15:11 AM A----: his social skills are horrible
    12:15:23 AM B: are they worse than pauls?
    12:15:25 AM A----: but unlike paul he would never put himself into a
    situation he didnt feel comfortable in
    12:15:28 AM A----: yeah man
    12:15:30 AM A----: much worse
    12:15:42 AM A----: thats why likes video games
    12:15:47 AM A----: and being inside
    12:15:53 AM B: yea jason isnt there only for himself too
    12:15:59 AM A----: dude would have no friends without my brother and I
    12:16:04 AM A----: no man
    12:16:06 AM A----: not at all
    12:16:08 AM A----: jason loves people
    12:16:12 AM B: jason is the opposite of paul when it comes to what
    he analyzes for
    12:16:13 AM A----: and cares deeply for them
    12:16:17 AM A----: he always asks about people
    12:16:21 AM A----: how they are doing
    12:16:31 AM B: does he ever ask about me? lol
    12:16:32 AM A----: yeah
    12:16:38 AM A----: sometimes
    12:16:39 AM B: sweet
    12:16:43 AM A----: he really likes courtney
    12:16:55 AM A----: she was nice to him
    12:16:58 AM B: man courtney isnt for me
    12:17:03 AM B: shes too negative for me
    12:17:19 AM A----: man she aint even that negative
    12:17:20 AM A----: yeah
    12:17:21 AM B: she insulted me on your aim when i gave her those
    12:17:31 AM B: i was like wtf
    12:17:37 AM A----: omg danti
    12:17:39 AM A----: she didnt mean to
    12:17:43 AM B: nah
    12:17:52 AM B: i know what kind of person she is
    12:17:55 AM A----: you dislike her for other reasons I thinks
    12:17:57 AM A----: yeah man
    12:18:01 AM A----: I need to distance myself from her
    12:18:09 AM A----: she might become all clingy
    12:18:15 AM B: hah
    12:18:18 AM A----: and then try to get with me when she breaks up with her
    12:18:20 AM B: she likes you a lot dawg
    12:18:26 AM B: you have that affect on girls
    12:18:33 AM A----: what affect
    12:18:35 AM B: especially with travis by your side
    12:18:47 AM A----: ohhh
    12:18:49 AM A----: to steal chicks
    12:18:51 AM A----: ?
    12:18:54 AM B: on these younger girls they look up to you
    12:19:10 AM A----: man I just say the thing, promote myself, and make them
    feel special
    12:19:25 AM B: hah you dont promote sky worth a shit
    12:19:25 AM A----: and act like myself and uncocky all the at same time
    12:19:32 AM A----: I know
    12:19:33 AM A----: lol
    12:19:34 AM A----: dawg
    12:19:41 AM A----: she is not my type at all
    12:19:47 AM A----: I stole her from travis
    12:19:51 AM A----: she really really likes me
    12:19:54 AM B: i like her much more than courney lol
    12:19:59 AM A----: she said she wanted me to kiss her
    12:20:04 AM A----: I was like ah...
    12:20:04 AM B: shes a pretty girl, just too young
    12:20:06 AM A----: when your 18
    12:20:11 AM B: hahahaha
    12:20:17 AM A----: she was kinda sad after that
    12:20:19 AM B: man you should tell travis
    12:20:25 AM A----: he knows dude
    12:20:27 AM B: hah wtf is wrong with her
    12:20:28 AM A----: he figured it out
    12:20:39 AM A----: he wont let me meet his new chick
    12:20:41 AM B: she got sad cuz you wouldnt kiss her
    12:20:45 AM A----: he is scarred I am gonna steal her
    12:20:48 AM A----: no
    12:20:51 AM B: i dont blame him lol
    12:20:53 AM A----: cause she knows I wont be with her
    12:20:54 AM B: hahahaha
    12:21:00 AM A----: i really dont wanna hang with her either
    12:21:07 AM B: man id fuck her
    12:21:08 AM B: lol
    12:21:12 AM A----: lol
    12:21:14 AM B: but id fuck a lot of women
    12:21:15 AM A----: I KNOW!
    12:21:18 AM A----: man
    12:21:23 AM A----: she is to young
    12:21:27 AM B: i would mos def not want a relationship hahaha
    12:21:29 AM A----: makes her much less attractive to me
    12:21:45 AM A----: older women
    12:21:47 AM A----: lolz
    12:21:49 AM A----: dawg
    12:21:50 AM B: yea i know
    12:21:54 AM A----: paul is not even trying with this myspace
    12:21:55 AM A----: thing
    12:21:55 AM B: i just like hot women
    12:21:57 AM A----: he is scarred
    12:21:58 AM A----: I think
    12:22:03 AM B: yea prolly
    12:22:06 AM A----: man what the hell is the deal with him
    12:22:10 AM A----: does he not want to get women?
    12:22:15 AM A----: I dont understand
    12:22:20 AM A----: does he not want to get pussy
    12:22:24 AM A----: I mean he is a good looking guy
    12:22:29 AM A----: he can get chicks
    12:22:37 AM A----: I think it would be hard for him to hold her interest
    12:23:04 AM B: man hes scarred
    12:23:07 AM B: he wants women
    12:23:22 AM B: everytime i talk to him he narrows it down into a
    science and claims how easy itd be
    12:23:33 AM B: the next day we go to a party
    12:23:48 AM B: man we are bringing a camera to the next party
    12:23:50 AM A----: paul is all talk
    12:23:51 AM B: or gina
    12:23:53 AM A----: you cant rationalize women
    12:23:54 AM B: or somethin
    12:23:55 AM A----: you just cant
    12:23:59 AM B: hah
    12:23:59 AM A----: doesnt work that way
    12:24:01 AM A----: man
    12:24:08 AM A----: I put the only creative stuff on his myspace
    12:24:09 AM B: he wants a woman who is also a rationale
    12:24:15 AM A----: I made it creative and cool
    12:24:16 AM B: but those women dont go to parties
    12:24:26 AM B: they go to book fairs and shit
    12:24:34 AM A----: lol
    12:24:45 AM A----: he is looking in the wrong place in other words
    12:24:57 AM B: yea
    12:25:21 AM B: he will never find a girl at a party
    12:25:30 AM B: well with the way he currently acts
    12:27:16 AM B: man if paul heard me saying this hed flip
    12:27:26 AM B: paul likes analyzing things
    12:27:33 AM B: hes completely unhappy with his major
    12:27:53 AM B: he needs to seriously reconsider what hes doing
    12:28:16 AM B: he needs to look up groups he can go to to simply
    analyze shit
    12:28:23 AM B: hed love life a lot more
    12:28:30 AM B: i tell him to write a book
    12:28:34 AM B: make a website
    12:28:40 AM B: its all pointless to him
    12:28:52 AM B: yet hes frustrated beyond belif he cant get his
    point out
    12:29:06 AM B: i dunno what to tell him to help him out
    12:29:29 AM B: wut are u doin tomorrow?
    12:29:31 AM A----: hey brb
    12:30:43 AM A----: man
    12:30:49 AM A----: I am gonna go to the DMV
    12:30:49 AM A----: lol
    12:30:52 AM A----: um
    12:30:56 AM A----: I will give you a call
    12:31:00 AM A----: or call me niggy
    12:31:02 AM A----: if you wanna chill
    12:31:10 AM A----: anywho I am gonna catch some zzz
    12:31:14 AM A----: and talk to my love
    12:31:17 AM A----: peace homie
    12:31:23 AM B: later man
    12:31:23 AM A----: call the cops on roland
    12:31:24 AM A----: lolz
    12:31:24 AM A----: jk
    12:31:29 AM B: haha hes crazy
    A---- disconnected (12:31:36 AM)
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    Conversation 2
    - Part I

    12:48:59 AM B: dawg
    12:49:03 AM B: got the pics man
    12:49:05 AM A----: sup
    12:49:07 AM A----: sweet
    12:49:10 AM A----: send me them
    12:49:13 AM A----: or put them online
    12:49:16 AM B: there are like a million
    12:49:35 AM B: lol
    12:49:41 AM B: im gonna put some online baby
    12:50:26 AM A----: put up the best ones
    12:50:28 AM A----: send a few to me
    12:50:31 AM A----: of the black girl
    12:50:32 AM B: lol
    12:50:33 AM A----: and bekah
    12:50:35 AM A----: and me
    12:50:39 AM B: will do
    12:50:41 AM A----: kk
    12:50:46 AM A----: do you know how to send the pictures?
    12:50:47 AM B: any of you and me?
    12:51:43 AM B: hold up
    12:52:04 AM A----: yeah mang
    12:52:20 AM B: man u got home fast
    12:52:24 AM A----: ha yeah
    12:52:26 AM B: how was it with paul
    12:54:23 AM A----: I was glad to see him
    12:54:28 AM A----: he is a creator man
    12:54:32 AM A----: dont forget that
    12:54:37 AM A----: the 3 creators
    12:54:42 AM B: lol
    12:55:40 AM B: how do you get the pic to rotate on myspace?
    12:56:37 AM A----: idk
    1:00:14 AM A----: send me some
    1:00:23 AM B: fuck dude
    1:00:28 AM B: i dunno how to do this shit
    1:01:19 AM A----: OMG
    1:01:25 AM A----: ok fuckhead
    1:01:28 AM A----: do exactly as I tell you
    1:01:32 AM A----: and no less
    1:01:35 AM A----: to achieve success
    1:01:39 AM B: lol
    1:01:42 AM A----: go to
    1:01:43 AM B: fuckhead?
    1:01:46 AM A----: yes
    1:01:49 AM A----: and make an account
    1:01:52 AM B: fuck u
    1:01:54 AM A----: then you can host the pictures
    1:01:55 AM B: i aint doin it now
    1:02:00 AM A----: ok master pimp
    1:02:05 AM B: lol thats more like it
    1:02:06 AM A----: I am sorry
    1:02:29 AM A----: once you host the pics online you can post them on the
    1:02:40 AM B: pj is wiggin out on me
    1:02:47 AM A----: so we can blackmail that black chick with the booty shots
    I took
    1:08:00 AM A----: ok
    1:08:07 AM A----: gotten any shot on your myspace yet?
    1:08:19 AM A----: if you get them on photobucket... I can really show you
    how to pimp it out
    1:08:23 AM B: alright
    1:08:24 AM A----: and get a cool backround
    1:08:25 AM B: im gonna
    1:08:28 AM A----: of us chillin
    1:09:38 AM B: fuck
    1:09:50 AM A----: fuck you, fuck you're mom!
    1:09:52 AM B: my internet crashed
    1:09:55 AM B: lol
    1:09:58 AM A----: wow mac's suck ass
    1:10:05 AM B: dude macs are so easy
    1:10:13 AM B: just if they had more programs
    1:10:17 AM B: guess what i did wrong
    1:10:32 AM B: i didnt put that card in all the way man
    1:11:54 AM A----: hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha
    1:11:57 AM A----: duH!
    1:12:00 AM A----: oh well
    1:12:08 AM A----: did you like the pictures I took?
    1:12:11 AM B: yea
    1:12:16 AM B: some of em were bad
    1:12:19 AM B: same with mine
    1:12:21 AM A----: well of course...
    1:12:27 AM B: you took like 20 pics of the ground lol
    1:12:27 AM A----: but did I get some cool ones?
    1:12:36 AM A----: delete those
    1:12:40 AM B: i did haha
    1:12:45 AM B: some of the pics were badass
    1:12:56 AM B: i have 2 up on photobucket
    1:13:01 AM B: im B
    1:13:57 AM A----: sweet
    1:14:06 AM A----: can you give me the account ass password?
    1:14:20 AM A----: so I can get the pics
    1:14:20 AM B: acount ass?
    1:14:26 AM A----: yesss
    1:14:30 AM A----: the ass...WHOLE
    1:14:35 AM B: wtf?
    1:14:39 AM A----: idk
    1:14:41 AM B: B
    1:14:43 AM A----: kk
    1:15:01 AM A----: is pass
    1:15:04 AM A----: jason
    1:15:05 AM A----: ?
    1:15:12 AM B: r0b1nl
    1:15:21 AM B: last is lower cas 'L'
    1:15:44 AM A----: wtf
    1:15:46 AM A----: seriously
    1:16:02 AM B: man paul is hurt
    1:16:02 AM A----: whats the password
    1:16:06 AM A----: why
    1:16:06 AM B: r0b1nl
    1:16:27 AM B: ROBINL
    1:16:37 AM B: but the O- 0
    1:16:42 AM B: the I -1
    1:20:04 AM A----: kk
    1:20:11 AM A----: getting pics now
    1:27:23 AM A----: what is PJ talking to you about
    1:27:43 AM B: about how he was offended of me telling you about
    his personality type
    1:29:13 AM A----: what a introvert dude
    1:29:20 AM A----: he got so pissed when I said he was introverted
    1:29:23 AM B: dont tell him that man
    1:29:33 AM A----: he needs to hear it!
    1:29:35 AM B: he talks to me about it
    1:30:58 AM A----: dude this picture is so fucking pimp
    1:31:06 AM A----: the one of me and you sitting next to the fountain
    1:31:46 AM A----: A---- (1:33:34 AM): paul don't get to "anal"itical
    about what I told in the truck... you needed to hear that
    A---- (1:33:35 AM): hahaha<!--EndFragment-->
    1:31:47 AM B: lol yea
    1:31:55 AM B: oh man
    1:31:58 AM B: dude
    1:32:08 AM A----: HAAHAHAHAHH!!!!!!!!!!1
    1:32:10 AM B: dude
    1:32:12 AM B: please
    1:33:06 AM B: dont
    1:33:22 AM B: he doesnt like hearing it
    1:33:27 AM B: just think of him as paul
    1:33:56 AM B: i mean
    1:33:58 AM B: lol
    1:34:10 AM B: just dont say that shit to his face lol
    1:34:20 AM B: he talks to me a lot about that kind of shit
    1:34:24 AM B: hes offended
    1:37:34 AM A----: omg
    1:37:35 AM A----: yeah
    1:37:37 AM A----: hahahahha
    1:37:39 AM A----: we are cool
    1:37:42 AM B: lol
    1:37:48 AM B: i split them up
    1:37:51 AM A----: hehe
    1:37:54 AM B: i put all of the pics of me on
    1:37:54 AM A----: I need the pics of me
    1:37:58 AM B: im getting beka
    1:38:00 AM A----: kk
    1:38:01 AM B: ill get you next
    1:38:06 AM A----: I am flipping them
    1:38:12 AM A----: if you look you can see
    1:38:13 AM B: lol
    1:39:41 AM B: damn pics aint submitting for some reason
    1:39:43 AM B: oh nm
    1:40:05 AM A----: these pics are baller....
    1:40:06 AM A----: hahahahahaha
    1:40:54 AM B: dude i got a badass one of you smoking
    1:41:00 AM A----: fuck yeah...
    1:42:02 AM B: alright man
    1:42:06 AM B: here comes all yours
    1:43:05 AM A----: kk
    1:43:08 AM B: it might be fucked up
    1:43:14 AM B: cuz sometimes it doesnt send
    1:44:25 AM B: sweet
    1:50:50 AM B: i cant get it to load anymore pics
    1:50:51 AM B: lol
    1:51:36 AM B: dude
    1:51:44 AM B: stop using it for a bit man
    1:51:49 AM B: ill tell you when i finish
    1:51:53 AM B: i cant load sometimes
    1:55:31 AM B: crazy women
    2:02:20 AM A----: check out razz's profile

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    Conversation 2 - Part II


    2:02:27 AM B: hold up
    2:04:37 AM A----:
    2:04:41 AM A----: this is pimp
    2:07:25 AM B: u didnt make me well known thru that
    2:07:26 AM B: lol
    2:08:07 AM B: woah dejavu
    2:08:25 AM A----: hahahhahahahahahhahaha
    2:08:29 AM A----: I will make one for us
    2:08:31 AM A----: right now
    2:08:34 AM A----: on your myspace
    2:08:37 AM A----: ok?
    2:09:24 AM B: sure
    2:10:38 AM B: man im gonna wank it
    2:10:48 AM B: uploading these pics is becomming too stressful lol
    2:16:05 AM A----: ok
    2:16:08 AM A----: working on your story
    2:16:32 AM B: its taking forever to upload these images
    2:19:18 AM B: i still have some commin man
    2:21:16 AM B: there man thats all of them
    2:24:01 AM A----: wait 10 minutes
    2:24:04 AM A----: and yours is done
    2:36:29 AM A----: check your myspcae
    2:36:35 AM A----: check out dantis myspcae
    2:36:38 AM A----: hahahahahahah
    2:37:02 AM A----:
    2:38:24 AM B: hold up a sec
    2:40:22 AM A----: dude
    2:40:24 AM A----: it is sexy
    2:41:09 AM B: sry i had to clean the sperm off my hands
    2:41:17 AM A----: hahahhaha
    2:41:22 AM A----: you are gonna love the comments I gave you
    2:41:24 AM A----: its a story
    2:44:15 AM B: dude thats so fuckin tight
    2:44:46 AM A----: that will get you comments
    2:44:47 AM A----: hahahaha
    2:44:49 AM A----: its a story
    2:44:52 AM B: hahaha
    2:45:43 AM B: that shit made me laugh like crazy
    2:46:18 AM A----: ha
    2:46:21 AM A----: cool man
    2:52:01 AM B: did u like the one where u blowin out smoke at the
    2:53:21 AM B: dude i cant get them to rotate
    2:55:32 AM B: DAWG
    2:56:32 AM A----: yeah fool
    2:56:37 AM A----: look at my myspace now
    2:56:55 AM B: lol k
    2:58:43 AM B: ill write you up a crazy ass story lol
    2:59:38 AM A----: ok man
    2:59:46 AM A----: do you want to know how to post this shit?
    2:59:49 AM A----: ok here is how you do it
    2:59:55 AM A----: actually don't
    2:59:58 AM A----: seriously
    3:00:03 AM A----: it will fuck up the format on my page
    3:00:06 AM A----: hahahaa
    3:00:14 AM A----: just write it down, or dream it and tell it to me
    3:00:25 AM B: lol alright
    3:13:17 AM A----: hahhaa
    3:13:20 AM A----: that story is some funny shit
    3:13:25 AM B: yea man
    3:13:47 AM A----: did you laugh hard?
    3:13:52 AM A----: like seriously hard at all?
    3:14:26 AM B: yea man
    3:14:30 AM B: i enjoyed that a lot
    3:14:36 AM B: i changed my pics up
    3:16:33 AM B: wut is na and aa abuse support system
    3:16:37 AM B: wuts na and aa stand for
    3:16:44 AM A----: narcotics anonymous
    3:16:47 AM A----: alocholics
    3:16:49 AM A----: hahahahaha
    3:16:51 AM A----: your support groups
    3:17:09 AM B: lol
    3:18:04 AM B: u like that pick of u on the phone
    3:19:25 AM B: dude how come my pics are so small
    3:20:36 AM A----: idk
    3:20:39 AM A----: cause your dog is
    3:20:44 AM A----: errr
    3:20:44 AM A----: dong
    3:20:45 AM B: lol wtf
    3:20:46 AM A----: hahahahaha
    3:22:58 AM A----: today was quite a day
    3:23:00 AM A----: thats for sure
    3:23:06 AM B: yea man
    3:23:08 AM A----: we did some crazy shit
    3:24:49 AM B: lol we did
    3:24:53 AM B: i need to fuck a chick
    3:25:34 AM A----: me tooooo
    3:26:03 AM B: lol
    3:27:42 AM A----: A---- (3:29:03 AM): make a myspace paul
    A---- (3:29:06 AM): you can meet chicks
    A---- (3:29:08 AM): make one now
    A---- (3:29:23 AM): you can find a nice fat chick to practice you're karma
    sutra on<!--EndFragment-->
    3:27:58 AM B: haha
    3:28:01 AM B: damn dude
    3:29:41 AM B: server is too busy to load my pics
    3:29:43 AM B: damn nigs
    3:33:47 AM B: keaton was the girls name right
    3:34:16 AM A----: yeah
    3:34:17 AM A----: the whore
    3:34:20 AM A----: but yeah
    3:34:22 AM B: haha
    3:34:24 AM B: i liked her
    3:34:25 AM A----: so have you talked to allysa?
    3:34:29 AM A----: me too
    3:34:30 AM A----: her ass
    3:34:32 AM B: i did earlier
    3:34:33 AM B: lol
    3:34:34 AM A----: thats about it
    3:34:40 AM A----: is she still flippin out?
    3:34:46 AM B: i dunno
    3:34:49 AM A----: hahaha...
    3:34:50 AM A----: ok man
    3:34:53 AM B: i dont think she likes u much
    3:34:57 AM A----: I am gonna tell you something serious
    3:35:00 AM A----: very serious
    3:35:16 AM A----: know, when allysa sees your myspace... and SHE WILL TRUST
    ME... you gave her the password
    3:35:21 AM A----: she will be so pissed off
    3:35:36 AM A----: that she will probably go to something sexual for some
    random guy and rub it in your face
    3:35:48 AM A----: so if she does that to you... be ready, I have seen alot
    of girlfriends do it
    3:35:58 AM B: cuz of myspace?
    3:35:59 AM B: wtf
    3:36:03 AM A----: she will get insanely jealous... women need security
    3:36:16 AM A----: no man, you hang with me, we hang with chicks... haak's
    law number 1
    3:36:25 AM A----: you see... its a chain of events
    3:36:25 AM B: why would she get jealous
    3:36:32 AM A----: um
    3:36:40 AM A----: you hanging out with uther chicks, wanting to fuck them
    3:36:43 AM A----: or doing so
    3:36:43 AM B: what was the other girls name
    3:36:53 AM A----: she will know when something is up
    3:37:01 AM A----: just be careful...
    3:37:06 AM A----: and be ready
    3:37:13 AM A----: mmmmkjkk?
    3:37:17 AM B: well i should take it off then man
    3:37:22 AM A----: no no no
    3:37:28 AM A----: FOR ALLYSA?
    3:37:31 AM A----: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    3:37:37 AM A----: REMEBER THE GRAPH?
    3:37:42 AM A----: TIME MANAGEMENT....
    3:37:52 AM B: lol
    3:37:56 AM A----: myspace=pussy
    3:37:59 AM A----: get it?
    3:38:03 AM B: rofl
    3:38:30 AM B: what would make her think somethins up
    3:38:36 AM B: did i phrase somethin badly
    3:38:58 AM A----: give razz a comment
    3:39:07 AM A----: womens intuition
    3:39:17 AM B: i need the black girls number
    3:39:20 AM B: i mean name
    3:39:22 AM B: lol
    3:39:24 AM B: oops
    3:39:24 AM A----: ahahhaha
    3:39:27 AM A----: keena
    3:39:28 AM A----: I think
    3:42:39 AM A----: peace niggah
    A---- disconnected (3:42:42 AM)

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