I always thought it would be fun to do that with an aim convo and I wanted to find a good conversation to use.. this one could work well cause they're actually talking about their own personalities.

so what do you guys think?

(1:41:28 AM): oh dont get me started girlfriend
(1:41:47 AM): I will tear you up!
Mepk299z (1:41:51 AM): oh baby
Mepk299z (1:41:54 AM): i like it rough
YAYBIES (1:41:57 AM): hahha
Mepk299z (1:42:03 AM): haha
YAYBIES (1:42:40 AM): dude you're awesome. for some reason when I have girl friends who dont do that with me I tend to not like them.
YAYBIES (1:42:49 AM): like the ones who think its weird
YAYBIES (1:43:01 AM): so many times me and lauren are called lesbos its not even funny
Mepk299z (1:43:03 AM): they just jelly cause they aint hot like you
YAY2OMBIES (1:43:12 AM): i knowww sonn
YAYBIES (1:43:45 AM): dude.. Ok i'm about to get deep.
Mepk299z (1:43:49 AM): alright
Mepk299z (1:43:51 AM): im ready
YAYBIES (1:43:54 AM): i have a sort of.. problem
YAYBIES (1:44:18 AM): should I tell him that i'm a virgin?
YAYBIES (1:44:26 AM): cause i think.. he's.. idk
Mepk299z (1:44:31 AM): i would
Mepk299z (1:44:40 AM): there's nothing to be ashamed of
YAYBIES (1:45:04 AM): I know i will..but its just like i dont want him to think i'm tellig him that becasue i automatically think he wants to get in my pants
Mepk299z (1:45:06 AM): just say you wanted to wait until you were mature enough to handle the emotions that go along with it
YAYBIES (1:45:09 AM): cause i know he's not like that
YAYBIES (1:45:18 AM): but i want him to know early on.l
Mepk299z (1:45:31 AM): yeah
Mepk299z (1:45:35 AM): he'll understand
YAYBIES (1:45:45 AM): ok good
YAYBIES (1:46:21 AM): its just worries me cause of his expeience and shit
Mepk299z (1:46:28 AM): just be like..
Mepk299z (1:46:32 AM): i am still a virgin
Mepk299z (1:46:43 AM): i'm not looking for "the one"
Mepk299z (1:46:54 AM): but i do want to wait until someone important enough comes along
Mepk299z (1:47:09 AM): i hope you can understand that and accept that i am not experienced
Mepk299z (1:48:02 AM): i think he'll respect you for it
YAYBIES (1:48:15 AM): thats perfect
YAYBIES (1:48:21 AM): cause its true
YAYBIES (1:48:24 AM): aww
YAYBIES (1:48:27 AM): i love you even more now
Mepk299z (1:48:31 AM): welcome
YAYBIES (1:48:49 AM): cause trust me i wanna get laid
Mepk299z (1:49:09 AM): i know
Mepk299z (1:49:09 AM): lol
YAYBIES (1:49:10 AM): i'm not like.. fucking castedy belted or anything
Mepk299z (1:49:16 AM): haha
Mepk299z (1:49:17 AM): NICE
YAYBIES (1:50:13 AM): you have a way with words mada'm
Mepk299z (1:50:45 AM): sometimes
Mepk299z (1:50:45 AM): other times im like..
Mepk299z (1:50:45 AM): i like turtles
Mepk299z (1:50:46 AM): weeesnawww
YAYBIES (1:51:30 AM): haha thats whats good about you
Mepk299z (1:51:48 AM): that i'm a retarded genius?
YAY2OMBIES (1:57:38 AM): he told me he's been with a lot
YAY2OMBIES (1:58:03 AM): thats another reason i feel weird to tell him
YAY2OMBIES (1:58:11 AM): cause i should have told him when he said that
Megqpk299z (1:58:25 AM): oh well
Megqpk299z (1:58:40 AM): if he asked why you waited say you just werent sure what to say
Mepk299z (1:58:48 AM): and didnt want to sound like an idiot
Mepk299z (1:58:49 AM): lol
YAYBIES (1:59:03 AM): haha I think he said it to kind of.. warn me.
YAYBIES (1:59:04 AM): tehehe
Mepk299z (1:59:10 AM): nice
YAYBIES (1:59:33 AM): man.. if i lose it to him that would be the baddest thing ever
Mepk299z (1:59:41 AM): why?
Mepk299z (1:59:42 AM): lol
YAYBIES (1:59:46 AM): i always wanted to do something bad
YAYBIES (2:00:09 AM): my mom would be so disapointed you have no idea especally to someone 10 years older then me
YAYBIES (2:00:12 AM): and she hates him
Mepk299z (2:00:21 AM): she hates him?
YAYBIES (2:00:23 AM): yeah
YAYBIES (2:00:27 AM): she thinks he's a pedo
Mepk299z (2:00:34 AM): thats not nice
YAYBIES (2:00:47 AM): i know.
YAYBIES (2:00:51 AM): i dont care though
Mepk299z (2:01:17 AM): you shouldnt
Mepk299z (2:01:42 AM): it's your life
Mepk299z (2:01:46 AM): your relationship
Mepk299z (2:01:53 AM): as long as he's good to you thats all that matters
Mepk299z (2:02:03 AM): other people dont have to understand
YAYBIES (2:02:27 AM): true
YAYBIES (2:02:49 AM): I cant wait for friday though
YAYBIES (2:03:39 AM): ok this is gonna sound lame..but come to think of it he's the only guy who actually really wants to persue me. usually guys are like "yeah i like you a lot" and it never goes anywhere.
Mepk299z (2:03:51 AM): haha
Mepk299z (2:03:56 AM): cause that was high school
Mepk299z (2:03:59 AM): that happened to me too
YAYBIES (2:04:05 AM): i think thats why i'm so excited.. like a little girl
Mepk299z (2:04:31 AM): nice
Mepk299z (2:04:31 AM): lol
YAYBIES (2:04:41 AM): true omg thats what lauren said
YAYBIES (2:04:58 AM): she was like "cause high school is filled with boys and college is filled with MEN"
YAYBIES (2:05:08 AM): and I was like i love college! i didnt have the balls in high school anyway
YAYBIES (2:31:13 AM): but i have some
Mepk299z (2:31:45 AM): yeah
Mepk299z (2:31:45 AM): some
Mepk299z (2:31:50 AM): mine are like volleyballs
Mepk299z (2:31:51 AM): yours are like eggs
Mepk299z (2:31:51 AM): lol
YAYBIES (2:34:00 AM): wow i'm suprised mine are egg sized
YAYBIES (2:34:08 AM): cause that like a normal man
YAYBIES (2:34:10 AM): yay
YAYBIES (2:34:36 AM): ahhaha i just imagined you with bowling ball balls
Mepk299z (2:34:40 AM): lol
YAYBIES (2:34:49 AM): and you are like hobbeling in your skirt hahahaha