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    Default Helpline by type.

    I was thinking about how types receive different kinds of info and block others. In times of crisis I think this would be even more pronounced.

    Do you have any examples of how you've helped a certain type in a crisis situation with a certain kind of information? What didnt work on them?

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    Coaching an SLE colleague whose attitude was to wait for instructions before getting to work, which was his idea of good performance, but got him a lot of criticism, because the company requires people to take initiative themselves. So I tried to coach him, trying to make him understand he shouldn't wait for orders, but take initiative himself. Also, he wasn't helpful toward other people at all, bad thing if you're the IT person in he company.

    I did this because management asked me too, but of course, I knew it would only push his red buttons (i.e. Role/PoLR). Indeed, two months later he found a new job.

    One bad thing about corporate environments (at least in The Netherlands), is that there often is a high emphasis on self-sufficiency and initiative. I wish I could tell people (management) about Socionics, but my gut feeling tells me they wouldn't understand, and even if they would, they wouldn't give a damn, because it doesn't money.
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