So I haven't been on this forum for a very long time, but I still see there is the obligatory thread concerning Joy.

Anyways I have a set of 5 conversations I found on my email today from 2 years ago, and without giving too much information up, I want to post them on here for your impressions.

In the conversations a lot of "keirsey" is mentioned. So here are a bunch of links to keirsey stuff to get you up to date if you are interested in typing these convo's.

keirsey is very similar to MBTI, Jung, and Socionics; however it is not the same!

The convos are btw very interesting because I lifted them from someone's laptop (they don't care now since this is from 2 yrs ago) and were intended to be private. I will post them later today as I want to blank out the aim names so there is no chance of these people being annoyed by random people.

Peace out! Look for the convo post later!