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    umm, just to be sure:

    *tendancy to get a "high" mood where he does hyper-silly things.

    *prone to get very angry very quickly, but difficulty expressing it (may sometimes want to get physically aggressive in response to not being able to express it though)

    *says he finds it difficult to verbally respond when someone is "verbally attacking" him, but tends to become silenter and silenter.

    *has a fixation of knowing people across different places in society/organizaitons so they his relations with him can be used to achieve his purpose (in my country nepotism counts over..lets just say normal functioning isnt really good)

    *likes his job because he's figuring out how different business works

    *would rather be figuring out what is wrong rather than being a cog in the wheel

    *very glib with people..often can convince them of their OWN ideas, and have them thanking him for it.

    * extroverted

    *very suspicious when betrayed by a friend, takes a long time to forgive, but even then will always remember he was betrayed.

    *likes to observe and notice people in the environment, see on how they are behaving.

    *very good aesthetic taste, would have liked to be a fashion designer in another life

    *sees people in terms of a social heirarchy..some people are below him, some are above.

    *often has this sense of arrogance about him, not significant but always behind the face, with those below even though he may not even be conciously aware of it or even accept it.

    *with those above him, he tries really well to ingratiate himself to their good will.

    *very lazy when it came to his studies..often would manage to get others to do work for him, or find answers, assignments etc..

    *likes to read history

    *tendency to self-analyse
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