In the recent past, I've noticed I experience a difference in my attituds towards male and female SLIs. No offense, but it seems to me male SLIs are way more relaxed than female ones.

This got me thinking: I've noticed in the past that many women with Ti/Te in their ego block experience social problems to some degree, probably because their behavior styles clash with stereotypical expectations people have from women in general. In Jung's words: such women have high animus.

I want to know: what is your POV on the above? How does it work with man having high anima from a woman's POV? If you are a woman with Te/Ti in your ego block, do you recognize in yourself high animus as well, or do you see Te/TIi and animus as unrelated?

Same thing for men with Fe/Fi in your ego block: do you think you have high anima as well? Does it cause social problems for you? If so, what are they?