Probably only one or two people will show even the slightest bit of interest in this thread...but anyways.

James Dean Bradfield; Richey Edwards; Nicky Wire; Sean Moore

James Dean Bradfield: ISTp
Richey Edwards: INFp
Nicky Wire: ENFp
Sean Moore: ISFj

I had considered ENFj for RE, but I think a Ti HA would make more sense than a Se HA, judging from his behaviour over many years. I also think JDB is unlikely to be an ISTj and RE's conflictor. NW and RE certainly had the most intense bond in the group, though RE hid things even from NW. JDB and NW have been friends since childhood, and SM is JDB's cousin. JDB and NW form the core of the group, writing the tunes and the lyrics, while SM is the quietest, most 'boring' member of the group - something of an achievement. NW is the one most inclined to dress up of the group, in contrast to JDB.