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    Couldn't find a thread on this show yet. In any case, best tv show ever, y/y?

    Clips are here because of easy of finding them on youtube, rather than for any other reason. Speaking of, there's a surprising lack of Boston Legal on youtube.

    Denny clip:

    Denny for president:

    Alan clip:

    Shirley and Jerry clip:

    And this one includes interviews about the characters (from season 1 I think), but there are a lot of clips there too:


    Some of these are massively speculative, but I thought I'd just put something down at least:

    Denny Crane - SLE
    Alan Shore - ILE
    Shirley Schmidt - LIE
    Brad Chase - LSE
    Paul Lewiston - SLI
    Denise Bauer - EIE
    Jerry Espenson - LII
    Clarence - ESI (with Clarise being SEE)
    Carl Sack - LSI
    Katie Lloyd - EII
    Lorraine Weller - ESI
    Jeffrey Coho - LSE
    Whitney Rome - SEE
    Daniel Post - LIE
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