I've been reading this book, Escape, by Carolyn Jessop. She escaped with 8 children, one of whom was severely handicapped, in the middle of the night from the FLDS cult. She was one of six (I think - maybe there ended up being seven? I haven't finished the book yet.) wives of a much older man. This man only loved one of his wives, but Carolyn was his second favorite. He had no particular interest in the others.

I thought she might be ISFj. She learned how to read people and relationships quickly and accurately, and that helped her survive in a really terrible household and lifestyle. And she had a huge amount of personal strength and courage. I think strong Se would help a person escape from a situation like hers. She definitely comes across as an introvert, and I thought Ij temperment.

I also think the favorite wife might have been ESFp (and not a healthy ESFp at all), which leads me to believe that the husband might be INTp, but I'm not too sure about it.

Has anyone else read this book?