This shit is so great. Has anybody ever had to take group therapy for anything before? AA, an eating disorder, maybe help with addiction or just general lifeskills improvement. Hell there's group therapy for everything these days really. I suppose even a workshop of some sort would count.

Reason why this tickles me to death is due to the psychological nature and talking about deep issues, you can REALLY see the functions play off in their pure terms for the group members. You can REALLY see the duals stick up for each other later on after ignoring each other, you can REALLY see the obvious, anvil-licious hate conflictors have with each other. You can definitely see your supervisor and how you can't fight what they say ugh. You can see the group leader and how she picks favorites (those in his or her own quadra) even when she claims she's professionally contracted to be fair. Yeah, fucking right.

In fact it comes to a point where the ONLY thing that matters is if you have enough people in your own quadra to defend you. I'm serious. It's such a JOKE. It doesn't matter how good you are actually doing in overcoming your psychological problems and evolving as a human being. It's a shitty form of therapy and I think if you want a 'practical use' of socionics here it is: You can use it to make sure people only get help by people in their OWN quadras. If you're talking about sensitive stuff anyway, it's the only way to actually move forward (functions in their most raw form are gonna be thrown out all over the place remember, you can practically see the shapes spew out of people's mouths when they talk), otherwise you will probably regress and would have been better if you didn't go in the first place. Trust me I've seen enough people in group therapy that came out about 75 times worse than when they went in.

And yes, I've had more than enough experience out of basic curiosity to see this was true. It might sound overly weird and stupid, but I even pretended I had problems sometimes just cause I was curious. I made a whole bunch of shit up and got into like 7 different programs. If the group leader was somebody in my own quadra I could practically say 'I love to rape penguins and throat fuck britney spears before I smash her head on the pavement' and they'd find someway to justify what I say and assure me aww poor baby, it's not you -it's them!, but I could grind my teeth trying to behave in a good way and somebody in my opposing quadra would attempt to rip me to shreds before I even began.