I'm not the author. An internet buddy of mine wrote this.

How would you type it and does it give you any impression about the author's own type?

No. It's not meant to be entirely serious.

Punisher does the same ol same ol:

Frank Castle stood on the ledge of the building looking down at the drug deal. To his shoulder was a scoped semi auto matic weapon. It was sure to get the job done.

Takin aim he fired and a missle peirced the van that was holding the drugs. Due to moving at the speed of really really fast and being explosive it ignited that gas tank and caused an explosion that killed all of the drug dealers.

Spider Man: "Frank don't do that....I'm just not feeling it anymore are you?"

Frank: "No it has just gone stale like your Autn May's bread!"

Spider Man: "You jerk face!!"

Spider Man Leaps at Punisher who punches him in the nose and then kicks him in the butt very roughly several times like a scrawny kid who was tired of the big dumb fat kid stealing his milk money.

Spider-Man: "Stop that hurts!"

Frank: "Okay"

Frank runs away and jumps in his van there is more to do tonight. He drives to Hell's kitchen and walks around long enough to eat a snickers and drink a Dr. Pepper and then he sees a bad guy doing bad things, very bad things. The Punisher pulls an Abrams tank from his pocket and beats the bad guy so hard that he cries and then he stuff him down the barrel of the cannon on the tank and shoots him in to the air where he explodes like really cheap fireworks from Mexico and it reads "come get me DD". But Frank laughs because Daredevil is blind and could not read that shit.

Daredevil runs up.

Matt: "Castle what are you doing?"

Frank: "Same ol Same ol. You are useless and a pussy."

Matt: "I love you I mean you are a killer and that isn't how it is done stop it right now please."

Frank: "Nuh uh"

Frank pulls out the biggest damn whistle you have ever seen almost cartoon like actually it is from a bugs bunny cartoon and he blows this big damn whistle and Daredevil yelps like dogs do when you blow those whistles that some people can hear too. Frank then goes and pees on Daredevil knowing that he has completely beaten Matt forever and ever and some more.

Punisher jumps back in his van and drives it to the king pin's hide out where there is a big meet going on. Those in Attendance?


Castle grabs his gear and runs up the stairs and sprayz thousands of cans of silly string ever where shoving like one hundred down dead pool's mouth and then kicking Iron Man in the nutts with his adamantium tipped boots.

Tony: "Frank...

Frank: "Shush you."

Castle finishes spraying the silly string on every one taking just a sec to smack red skull on the back of the dead. He then drops a nuclear bomb and jumps out the window and flies away using Iron Man as a surf board. The explosion consumes existance and Frank Castle lights up a cigar and stops for a moment to smirk.

"That was easy killin."