My LII dad is hooked up to an oxygen tank and if the power goes out we have to hook him up to the spare or he will DIE so as you can see it's a dramatic moment. About two weeks ago, the power did go out in my house.

Here's how our functions worked. My Ni kicked in during the storm and I proudly announced to the whole family "The power is gonna go out, get ready to help dad!" about 5 seconds before it happened, just like how I knew what my ESTp friend was going to say. (Only this was a real emergency so I had to say something directly now, of course) My sister (Identical) and mom (ESE; Supervisee) all jump into position.

So yeah, bam - the power goes out. Everybody was like "Whoa you sure saw that one coming, Sam." I mean yeah, almost everybody else in the family uses Ni to some extent but NOBODY is as good at it like I am. I know it's quite logical to correctly assume the power might go out in a storm, but I know exactly the right moment such events will occur. Well that's just bravado if you wanna get super technical, I'm just the most accurate with my Ni predictions but you get what I mean.

My ESE mom orders me to get the flashlight. Now here's where I get knocked down a peg because I don't have enough natural Se to have moved objects around the house often before so I keep looking in the wrong places and getting unnecessarily confused/stumped at such an easy task. "It's in the drawer down the hall" my mom tells me after I asked her. She normally would jump and get it herself but she's busy getting the other tank ready. (she still needs the flashlight to read the gadgets and stuff to make it work but she figures she has to drag into place first and *do something* already while she's waiting.) She's so funny she even stops what she's doing to help dad and walks by me and hurriedly asks "Did you find it?" I kinda roll my eyes. "Be patient, I was just about to tell you I found it!" I hand it to her. My dad just kinda sits there and lets us work on him, well my mom does most of the working.

He annoys me slighty and my victimness clashes with his infantile ness, I feel like even though yeah it is an emergency on his behalf he's not really helping himself enough. He's kinda directing people to do things but he's being a little too... analytical/alpha-y for my tastes or something. He keeps telling my mom what to do plainly with no criticisms (she ADORES THIS!), but me and my sister are being a little too fault find-y as usual.

This other dude is bringing more spare tanks to hold us out in case the power is out for a long time (It's not and I kinda figured it wouldn't be - not as confident as I was about the storm, but still about 80% certain - see how Ni gets weaker and weaker the more into the future you go?) My dad won't even put his pants on for the tank-guy (he's in his underwear), thinking it's pointless. My ESE mom convinces him how it's not socially appropriate to be seen without his pants on, so he ends up putting them on. Now if it were me, I would get in a HUGE debate with her on this and it would crack me up. I would eventually listen anyway, but I would drive her insane because I would start making Beta sex jokes.

My mom ends up doing most of the physical work, but she gets kinda too hectic with things, and needs us to remind her what she's trying to do exactly at the time or she'll get frustrated because she's working too hard to make sure he's okay. So we have to kinda counsel her and get her to step back if she's doing too much unnecessary work. Paraphrasing: "Mom, dad doesn't need a glass of water now, you don't even have the tank properly set up yet, do that first for pete's sake, that's the most important thing!" Step back, THINK. Re-evaluate. Yes, taking inaction in an emergency would be very bad but that doesn't mean you over-do.

My sister kinda just does exactly what I do so there's nothing much about her that I have to comment on. We both criticize my mom but we feel we have no choice to. I think my sis is a different subtype than me or something so she doesn't have quite as strong Ni as I do. My mom appreciates us helping, but she wants us to "be nicer." She cares more about us being nice than effectively doing the right thing - as she always acts like everything to do is all up to her. In the end however, my dad is saved a lot more by mom than us due to the caregiving-infantile relationship as me and my sister would both be too clumsy. We don't have , we need it- but she uses so naturally in everything she does (but of course does it in a way that's innately effortless & non-judgemental and she never ever wants or expects out of others.) I'm sure we'd get it done okay if my mom wasn't there because it was an emergency, but I'm so glad that he had his dual there with him as it made it go by so efficiently.

So yes, dad is saved and doesn't die on us. Yay! Mostly due to duality with mom but I kinda started it. =p