I still confused what's my type. I've taken many MBTI Tests, in mypersonality, in 4np, almost everywhere! Sometimes I scored as an INFP, ISFP, ESFP, ISFJ, ENFP, even ENTP or ISTP. I'm very, very confused.

So, here I'll list my Top 10 Sayings, from 1 to 10. These sayings are originally Indonesian, but I translated it myself.

1. "I thought you say what," -- Usually when I'm upset with someone who couldn't make up his/her mind, making a "surprise" to me, etc

2. "Can you a little bit more sensitive to other's feelings!!!??" -- This is the second rank. I usually talk this when I'm in "danger" situation, even in a debate. I say "Other's feelings", but deep down in my heart I say, "My feelings"

3. "My ears are going to be full of dirt," -- When my father angry to me or give me a super long, yet boring speech because he replies every of his sentences many times.

4. "WHOAAAA!!!??? Yes, yes!! I'm coming!!" -- I get panic easily. These sentences are often come when my private tutor is coming while I'm doing other things (playing computer games, for example)

5. "You...You scared me," -- I think you know this one, right?

6. "SQUEEEEEEEEE~!!!!!!!" -- The classical fangirl term. This is because I'm a fangirl

7. "ARGHHHH!! I'm confused!!" -- (same as number 5)

8. "I'm not in the mood to do these things," -- I'm a very moody person. All things I do are mainly based on my current mood.

9. "I'm sorry for what I did before. I lied about (insert problem here) because I don't want to hurt your feelings. And I think is the only way to make others happy. To be honest, I don't wanna lie, but I did -- Sorry again!" -- Though I'm a selfish girl, and lies a lot, I could say this when forced or when my identity is revealed

10."How dare you injuring innocent animals!!" -- Animals are VERY important to my life. I love animals more than human beings. Even if they're dangerous, I won't kill them. Deep down in my heart, I think humans must learn from animals. They must learn to avoid their selfishness and try to think of other's need first. That's my opinion.