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Thread: New Type of Socionics Test?

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    Default New Type of Socionics Test?

    I was thinking about how we type the various Socionics types, and I think I've come up with an interesting idea for a test. How about a test that measures one's skills at various function related tasks? For example, Ne could be measured by one's ability to think laterally, or Ti could be measured by seeing how well one answers a set of logical puzzles. The advantage to this test is that you take away much of the subjective element. However, keep in mind that the format I've given to test the functions is only a suggestion. If we could analyze the skills that each function is actually good at, then we could come up with a good test. What do you think of this idea?

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    Rick has in fact come up with questions to test different information elements, although I'm pretty sure it has to be in-person and very generalized to work (probably nothing like testing someone's ability to solve a logic problem). Competency in specific function-related tasks can be learned, to some extent. It's mainly the innate flexibility and adaptability of the function that sets certain types apart.
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