some of my main passions are interior design, fashion design and the beauty industry. i love color and line and design and seeing them put together. i've worked in art and design related fields on and off, including custom jewelry making. i watch hgtv quite a bit and here is my favorite interior designer. one that reminds me of me the most. i think she's quirky, sexy, down to earth, a bit goofy and cool and doesn't mince her words. her name is krista watterworth. i don't necessarily like her designs but her attitude. i am much more into color, color, color!

here is a quote on her interior design philosophy:
“I think it’s important not to impose my own style and sensibilities onto someone else. Many designers feel the need to create a showpiece for their talents. I take my ego out of the equation and have a more down-to-earth approach. Your home should reflect who you are. And in the process of working with me, you should be discovering amazing things about yourself.”