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Thread: Introverted vs Extraverted Jungian Functions

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    Default Introverted vs. Extraverted Jungian Functions

    I'm not sure if this applies only to Jung's original conception of the psychological functions, or if it can be extended to the socionics functions, but it seems to me that the extraverted functions involve what can be expressed, whereas the introverted functions involve what cannot be expressed. For example, suppose you develop an idea through extraverted intuition. This idea is some kind of expression. It has content. Also look at extraverted thinking. It concerns itself with objective facts and rules. These are expressible entities. Now consider the introverted judging functions. Introverted thinking is not as much about content, but about whether you consider something to be true or false, the unspoken principles by which you lead your life, the underlying logic of your arguments, etc. It is more of a process. Similarly, introverted feeling is whether your gut tells you that something is morally right or wrong, whether you like or dislike something, the ethics by which you lead your life, etc. Actually, after looking at what I wrote, it seems that it could apply to socionics. Nonetheless, tell me whether you agree/disagree with this in terms of Jung's functions and the socionics functions.


    EDIT: One reason I think this is because the MBTI clasically considers introverts to be more silent. I'm thinking this might mean that the introverts thought processes are less expressible, and less content-based.
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