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Thread: ILIs/INTps of enneagram type 4

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    Default ILIs/INTps of enneagram type 4

    1. Do you think they exist ?

    2A. If you think they exist, do you have examples ?

    2B. If you think they don't exist, can you explain how ? (not by retarded statements such as "every 4 is Ethical, I'm right, you're wrong" please)

    3. What do you think of them ?


    1. I think they exist.


    Examples of celebrity ILI Fours :

    - Sri Aurbindo
    - Nietzsche
    - Serge Gainsbourg (not sure)
    - Reinin
    - Kurt Cobain

    3. I think they're hostile observers, who have their own contribution to the world, that they're able to criticise anything, and to help the world being more truthful.

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    I'm S-D-N+ ...... and I'm pretty sure I exist.
    hostile observer effectively describes me.. or a keen observer of the negative in everyday life. ... this comes from mentally emphasizing how things play out over time in terms of the greater universal system (Ni) .. & I consider this more of an ILI-Ni issue then necessarily a S-D- issue.. though those may be different verbal descriptors for the same thing, anyway.. I'm not familiar with what's all inside your head with this SDN crap .
    Thom Yorke is the best example I have come across in the media of this type of ILI.
    And it is worth noting his current endeavors with promoting The Big Ask and other save the environment campaigns.
    With this temperament there is a mental imperative to find the ideal action... or the state of behavior / affairs which is favorable for the greater whole .. is not self serving or self perpetuating (where what is being maintained by the action- the whole, or the system, is limited in scope).. the objective is for the universal system to be existentially balanced. Example- watching someone on the news dramatize the happenings of 9/11, this ILI will say "fucking american bastard.. people die in africa every day and get no sympathy, and live with it. More people died today of lung cancer... You only care about this because you are afraid to die .... blah blah blah" . This ILI displays inertia in life.. every day things which can be done are thought of as ultimately meaningless... or for the good of the self; where the self is the system.. society & your particular place in it, or whatever is being maintained by the action.. and the system is limited or excluding things outside of itself (mankinds greater potential is being neglected in favor of personal gain).
    Probably the most emotionally hostile type; where emotional hostility is displayed toward what is considered a limited point of view (Fi is derived from Ni.. ideal Fi is derived from the ideal of Ni) ... Fi is repressed in light of the inadequate, holding on to the idea of an ideal abstraction. Most seems to fall short of the ideal abstraction (Ni).. other people are seen as contributing to the problems regarding the way things are... pertaining to society, the world, every day life... etc.
    An ESE comes along and says "clean your room" ...
    the ILI gets pissed because ESEs imperative to "clean room" seems petty. ILI says "shut the fuck up" ..
    SEI sits down and has a long discussion with ILI on how ILI needs to wear nice clothes to an interview. ILI thinks SEI is a dipshit because their mind is saturated with pettiness for getting what they want... and their way of life serves their own purposes, and naturally excludes & or neglects the greater need.
    SEI just said to me "I was helping Cathy set up an aquarium.. I went to walmart and still can't find 32/34 in these pants. They call these carpenter Pants.."
    My mind is screaming "stfu"
    Those are good examples
    On another note- Kurt Cobain I thought was INFj-Fi
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