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Thread: Differences between LII and LSI (offensive)

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    Default Differences between LII and LSI (offensive)

    LII : average agreeableness, high openness
    LSI : low agreeableness, low openness

    LII : not autistic
    LSI : autistic

    LII : not the most popular IM type, but many people like them
    LSI : the least popular IM type

    LII : Descartes, Wittgenstein, Nicole Kidman
    LSI : Stalin, Milosevic, Fidel Castro

    LII : physically attractive
    LSI : physically repulsive

    LII : business-like
    LSI : pushy

    LII : yeah guys let's debate this !!!
    LSI : fightin' 'round the world !!!

    LII : expect compliance from others
    LSI : expect submission from others

    LII : democratic
    LSI : autocratic

    LII : average E.Q.
    LSI : low E.Q.

    LII : quite sociable, but not really a super-communicator
    LSI : the least sociable type, especially if --+

    LII : don't take norms very seriously
    LSI : bureaucratic, narrow-minded

    LII : looks bossy, but still agreeable to deal with
    LSI : the typical pushy boss...

    LII : girls of this type usually look cool
    LSI : fuckshit ! nobody will date a LSI girl, because LSI's are hostile AND unattractive

    LII : not demanding with others
    LSI : very demanding with others

    LII : conficts are cool, but not with excess
    LSI : conflict-seeking

    LII : 00-, 0+-, -00, -+0, -+-, 000
    LSI : --+, -0+, 0-0, 000, 0-+, +-+

    LII : able to trust people
    LSI : unable to trust people

    LII : friendly
    LSI : reclusive

    LII : people need to know the truth, because they're retards
    LSI : people need to be controlled, because they're rebellious

    LII : like to drink, but not likely to overdo it
    LSI : likely alcoholics

    LII : social, but not physical
    LSI : physical, but not social

    LII : not wife beaters
    LSI : wife beaters

    LII : electro
    LSI : heavy metal

    LII : don't intimidate people
    LSI : intimidate people

    LII : enthusiastic
    LSI : depressive

    LII : girls of this type look girly
    LSI : girls of this type look like butches

    LII : large range of emotional states
    LSI : anger, anger, anger

    LII : don't overwhelm others emotionally
    LSI : overwhelm others emotionally

    LII : ESE's are attracted by them because they're cool
    LSI : EIE's are attracted by them because they feel sorry for them, for the reason that nobody likes LSI's.

    (I posted it on Anything Goes because it's not meant to be taken seriously)

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    When are you going to do an LII offensive description Machintruc? Surely you have the dirt on them ...
    "Language is the Rubicon that divides man from beast."

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    I think you have this list backwards.

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    lol. when I meet an enthusiastic LII, I will climb up the highest mountain and put up a flag to record this special event!
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