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    Default Enneagram type 9w8 description

    The Nine with an Eight-Wing: "The Comfort Seeker"

    The traits of the Nine and those of the Eight conflict with each other: Nines are passive and desire harmony with others, while Eights are aggressive, asserting themselves and follwoing their self-interest. Since Nine is the basic personality type, people of htis subtype tend to be fundamentally oriented to others, receptive, unself-conscious, agreeable, and so forth, while some part of them asserts itself strongly, at least at times. There is a "mellow,: out-going quality about them. They are sociable, like to tell jokes and stories, and spend time with their friends. Nines with an Eight-wing are more sensual and instinctive than the Nines with a One-wing, and tend to operate more on feelings and hunches. They tend to embody more the easygoing demeanor associated with Nines , but also give the impression of being more "physical," more grounded. This is one of the most difficult subtypes to understand because their component types are in such diametrical opposition to each other.

    In healthy persons of this subtype, the Eight-wing adds an element of inner strength and willpower, as well as an expansive, passionate quality to the overall style of the personality. Healthy Nines with an Eight-wing combine the comforting, positive qualities of the Nine with the endurance and strength of the Eight, resulting in a subtype at once powerful and gentle. Despite their unselfconsciousness, healthy people of this subtype are able to assert themselves effectively; despite their graciousness and concern for others, they can be quite strong and forceful; despite their ability to subordinate themselves to others and to common goals, they can be courageously independent; despite an easygoing manner, they can have formidable tempers, although these are rarely resorted to. Thus, healthy persons of this subtype give the impression of strength and good nature, sensuality, and power. The Nine with an Eight-wing wants to engage with people and things in the world more than the other subtype. They enjoy socializing, have a wonderfully dry sense of humor, and may have numerous skills, although they tend not ot promote themselves. They are concerned with their immediate needs and circumstances ,and more accepting of people as they are. Nines with an Eight-wing often enjoy the helping professions, consulting, sales, and services, and can be very effective in business, especially in negotiations or working in human resource capacities.

    Average people of this subtype compartmentalize their emotions completely. While their self-image is one of peacefulness, they may occasionally be quite aggressive without realizing the extent of it. Unfortunately, the Nine with an Eight-wing is more likely than the other subtype to get caught up in a kind of sensual indolence which can interfere with their ability to stay directed. They can be complacent, even lazy, about achieving success in some areas of their lives, while being extremely competitive in others. If they are not intellectually gifted, they may seem slightly slow-witted--good-natured but thickheaded----because neither the Nine nor the Eight is a particularly intellectual or thinking component. These people have strong elemental drives for psychological and sexual union with the other. Their self-interest is bound up with the material comfort. They can be more stubborn and defensive than Nines with a One-wing, and although usually easygoing and pleasant, people of this subtype can have bad tempers. Others cannot predict what will set them off, but usually can see their anger building. Typically, people of this subtype lose their tempers when others interfere or interrupt their sense of well-being and peace of mind. They can be blunt and explosive, but just as suddenly, they return to their "normal," placid self. When their protective instincts are aroused, they do not wish to hurt others so much as protect themselves and their property. Average persons of this subtype can become belligerent and confrontational toward others, but with little long-lasting personal animosity. Their greatest ire is aroused against those who attack their families , their beliefs, or their way of life. But once the crisis has passed, they are apt to sue for peace, making allies of their former enemies. As they deteriorate, Nines with an Eight-wing tend to dig in their heads, refusing to listen to or cooperate with anyone threatening to disturb their safe routines.

    Unhealthy Nines with an Eight-wing often resemble unhealthy Fours: they are usually depressed adn have very little energy. Unlike the Four, there is a general flatness and lack of emotional affect, with occasional tremors of tearfulness and anxiety. The fear of control in the Eight-wing adds to the Nine's resistance to help. Unhealthy Nines with an Eight-wing are capable of violence with little concern about the consequences of their actions. Aggressions and id impulses are strong in people of this subtype, and when they are emotionally unstable, there is little ego strength left to regulate these forces. Their aggressions may be particularly aroused by sexual jealousy of their spouses. Separation from a loved one through alienation of affections is devastating to the Nine's self of self, and inflames the Eight's rage out of wounded pride. As a result, Nines with an Eight-wing can be physically dangerous, striking out impulsively. They may retaliate against those with whom they have come into conflict while dissociating themselves emotionally from the harm they do. Chronic depression, extreme dissociation, and addiction are also possible.
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    I think this is me
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    Couple other descriptions:

    9w8's are modest, personable, gregarious, and filled with self-effacing humor - they tend to have a bit of the "goofball" in them. They invariably make it a point that they don't demand much from life. When they get angry, they act on impulse, and can be quite explosive, though these episodes are usually followed by long stretches of languid self-questioning. Most 9w8's have a hard time accepting that they are prone to anger, which is ironic because anger is central in their lives - it is what gives them many of their characteristics; it is what they principally seek to evade, avoid, and ignore. One of the more striking traits that occur, somewhat consistently, in 9w8's is their physiques. There are skinny 9w8's, but they are in something of a minority. More typically, 9w8's have large, powerful frames with plenty of muscle mass. They also tend to be portly, especially as they grow older. They are not particularly concerned about the fussier points of personal appearance, and will often have a disheveled look about them. 9w8's are notable for their mellow, easy-going, down-to-earth qualities, though, in their best moments, they integrate the spiritual world with the physical one. If one word can describe their style of attention, it is "broad." They embrace the finer aspects of life, and are content to accommodate its shortcomings. You may wonder at their gift - they are able, and inclined, to view problems from all perspectives - theirs, yours, and life's. Of course, you may get a look at their darker side, which comes out when they are faced with that dreaded anger. In these instances, they take advantage of another aspect of their "broad" style of attention - words like "diffuse" and "watered-down" begin to apply, too. Some of their less healthy psychological defenses include cloudy thinking, hazy perceptions, dissociated responses, emotional deadness, and a stubborn refusal to face their problems. They are detached from the world, from others, and from themselves. At this stage, their 8 energy is being used not to express their anger, but to fight it, and when 8 energy declares war, it goes full throttle. In the case of the disturbed 9w8, this war is one that strives to eliminate their will. If the disturbances in the 9w8's life go unchecked, they could lapse into a kind of psychological coma. Before that happens, however, you will notice a grating undertone of anger, clearly evident in their person, which, in typical 9w8 fashion, they will likewise refuse to acknowledge.

    9w8 - Seeking Peace and Power - Awakened Nines with an 8 wing have a modest, steady, receptive core. They are charged by the dynamism of 8 - when focused on goals they often have great force of will. Get things done, make good leaders. May have an animal magnetism of which they are only partly aware. Can seem highly centered, take what they do seriously but remain unimpressed with themselves. 8 wing can bring a strong internal sense of direction. Relatively fearless and highly intuitive. Generally not intellectual unless they have it in their background. When more entranced, they manifest the contradictions of the two styles expressing them in sequence. Could be passively amiable like a Nine and then turn horribly blunt like an 8. One moment they are opinionated or nasty, next moment kindly and supportive. Often don't hear their voices when angry. Can have a sharp, grating edge. May be slow to anger and then explode. Or angry but don't know it; may confuse being assertive with being rude. Placidly callous - both styles support numbness. Tactless and indiscriminate and indiscreet. May be unwittingly disloyal, spilling everyone's secrets. Sexual confusion, sometimes they are driven by lust.

    Nine with an Eight Wing

    9w8s are more earthy and typically have a more fiery presentation than the 9w1. The Eight wing brings a stronger connection to their anger which will make them more forceful or bossy, but still relaxed and laid back as a general state of being. They are more concerned with having their appetites met and can be more apt to speak up if they have a problem. However, they still avoid conflict and can have problems with repression that typically manifests through numbing out through various things like eating, watching TV, or drinking. They are often referred to as "The Rock."

    Healthy - People of this subtype mix the ability to be agreeable and to comfort others with endurance and strength. They are both powerful and gentle, able to easily engage with people and with things in the world, mediating between people and lessening conflicts. They often seek new projects to have an occasional change of pace from their normal routines. They are also practical and are typically concerned with their immediate needs and physical and financial circumstances. More sociable than the other subtype, they generally prefer to work with other people. They excel in the helping professions and consulting and can be effective in business, especially in negotiations or in human resource capacities.

    Average - These people enjoy socializing and good times and good times and are more attracted to losing themselves in sensuality and comforting routines that interfere with their ability to stay focused on current goals. They can be stubborn and defensive, tending to dig their heels and refuse to listen to anyone, People of this subtype often have bad tempers, although it is difficult to predict what will set them off --- threats to their sense of personal well-being or their family, job, or beliefs are typical. They can be blunt and explosive but suddenly return to a state of calm and placidity.

    9w8 is a conflicting combination. They can be willful, aggressive and competitive. The 8 wing adds self confidence and an element of inner strength. They are more outgoing and have a wonderful sense of humor. Although still quite easygoing and pleasant, they can lose their temper and be quite blunt but yet they won't hold a grudge. They can be a bit more stubborn than 9w1.

    nine with an eight wing

    general description

    Average 9/8s are gentle, simple, unsophisticated people. They tend to be a bit impulsive because of their lusty eight-wing, and they have the ability to push hard enough to get their way, but they back down easily in most cases if others resist their impulses. 9/8 is more likely to ignore a challenge than the more power-oriented 8/9. Unlike the more refined 9/1, 9/8 feels rough around the edges. There is often almost a clumsy feel to their childlike ways. They are like puppydogs, eager to be happy and eager to forget unpleasantness.

    balanced and transcendent states

    When they begin to wake up, 9/8s almost always use their lusty eight-wing to pull themselves out of the dream. For them, the expansiveness and energy of eight is a direct antidote to nineish apathy and resignation. When eight begins to pull in the benevolence of two and nine finds the ambition of three, there is no stopping these powerful, generous people.

    Highly integrated 9/8 carries both the goodness and generosity of two and the deep self-actualization of three, without any trace of pride or vanity. People feel positively uplifted in the presence of such completely humble, giving, magnificent, fully self-created beings. Somehow just being in the presence of such a person can generate tremendous confidence and healthy self-regard. It is not what they do, it's how they are. They simply are Ñ without trying to be anything in particular. The utter naturalness is astounding.

    unbalanced and unhealthy states

    Stressed 9/8 tends to fall into an unselfed dream state. If the dream deepens, apathy leads to sixish suspicion, while eightish defensiveness leads to fiveish paranoia. Nine's primary defense of withdrawal is enhanced by both tendencies, and 9/8 becomes a reclusive, lazy, mistrustful, hermit.

    In the worst cases, the tendency to escape by going to sleep leads to total avoidance of any kind of real interaction. Bills go unpaid, the phone rings without being answered, and the lawn goes unmowed. Somnolence leads 9/8 deeper and deeper into self-negation, resulting in a paranoid sort of comatose sloth. No one is home in the body, and the body is powered down. Can there be any life at all in such a dead state?

    physical appearance

    9/8 has a tendency to be physically big. Many 9/8s have long, solid bones, and they are often remarkably strong. If they are healthy, they move with a powerful, fluid grace. If unhealthy, they can be quite clumsy and uncoordinated. Because they would rather not be the subject of much attention, and they feel no need to be different, they usually dress in traditional, acceptable clothing, seldom flashy or odd. Like 9/1s, 1/9s, and 6/5s, their particular brand of utter normality may be one of their most distinguishing features.


    Some 9/8s find work that combines quiet time and occasional aggressive outwardness. Middle managers, airline pilots, grant writers, behavioral therapists, talent scouts, casting directors. Others stay well out of the front lines, becoming postmasters, gardeners, bookkeepers, beekeepers, housekeepers. There are 9/8 newscasters, actors, singers, recruiters, executive secretaries, and many unremarkable jobs out of the public eye. Of course, 9/8s can also be found doing many other kinds of work.

    9 & 8 Instinct Subtypes

    9 & 8 Instinct Variants -

    Bliss Stream's New Descriptions for the 9w8 Stackings:

    9w8 sp/so
    They make good leaders based on their ability for grand strategy and a talent for co-operation. They excel at man-management and can handle/balance/maneuver a variety of personalities. Their minds are flexible and they improvise well under pressure without losing their strategic aims… Others may be surprised to know these 9s possess such qualities, for this stack enjoys being underestimated because it keeps others off balance.

    Their modesty, amiability, and ability to express a bigger vision in simple and straightforward language is often enough to exercise charm over most people who come in contact with them, making them suitable for positions of power and responsibility that require a cool and collected disposition. Their modesty, if not the result of disassociation, often belies a true confidence in themselves and others. There’s nothing grandiose or pretentious about them….Through their line to Six, they can virtually lose themselves in preparations for contingencies and future outlines. This type needs more downtime to refresh themselves and relax.

    They enjoy their leisure time as a way to keep themselves on an even keel. This style has both mental and physical discipline.... Despite the majority of them being introverts, they have a very externalized and pragmatic focus balanced off by ideals of conduct they try to abide by. They measure themselves to individuals of the past that have some subjective value to them. Their minds are factual and they know their areas of interest much deeper than they let on. They aren’t big personalities, but work their willpower without fanfare...

    9w8 sp/sx
    They have a stronger line to 6. They are the less trusting 9w8s and the more rugged...Puts comfort above all else and may lack a sense of fashion as a result. They have an exaggerated sense for the harmony between themselves and nature /animals, even wild animals. More transgressive of social norms than the other 9w8s. They have a natural affinity for the wilderness and also have the can-do attitude to chart a course towards a more simple lifestyle. Romance is where this 9w8's life is turned upside down from everything being manageable and rational to intense and stormy. Very low-maintenance partners.

    9w8 so/sp
    Often make good mentors for the lost, wayward or delinquent. Reliable individuals with good leadership ability but may wind up in supporting positions because their diversity of energy can make it harder to define themselves firmly...they have a sense of never being known in spite of their successes which they only wind up reframing as luck. May not be an intellectual in the traditional sense of the word but is the most intellectually-inclined 9w8...they often have a draw to sociology or physics and can make good problem-solvers. This can come with an absent-minded quality...Even if they aren't sociologists in the official sense, they are naturals at tuning into the voice of the faces in the crowd. They like the faces that go uncelebrated. Can justify their actions based on other people's responses and assess whether a choice is right or not by whether it gives them more sense of belonging. When it comes to group or political involvement, they'll dabble enough to feel like they belong to a larger whole while declining any hard-core involvement. Most inclined 9w8 to handle conflict diplomatically, in hopes of bringing others to a peaceful resolution.

    9w8 so/sx
    They have the most difficulty knowing who they are or what they value. They look for confirmation of their existence through their connections with others. They may seek out positions of leadership or influence to enhance the acknowledgement others give them. 9w8 most inclined to feel they are being taken advantage of when they find themselves doing and saying things they neither want to do nor say. When this happens, as it often does, they shift gears back down into a low energy passive pattern, trying to numb themselves out from the abuse they feel has been put upon them and their social image. When feelings of this abuse resurface, they shift gears into a more angry response and overset their boundaries.

    They will even stay silent for longer periods of time in a group just to amplify how badly they want to be listened to, heard and respected when they do finally decide to say something. It's important to them, because this 9 knows all too well how easy it is for them to lose their opinion in the sea of many opinions and agendas of those around them. This 9w8 may even expect others to look to them as the leader due to some of their presence and charisma; however, being the decisive leader is not something they can sustain for too long due to the stress of perceived agendas by others, most of which the 9 blows out of proportion... No other type on the enneagram can relate to the degree with which this type thinks it doesn't exist. They could jump off a building in broad daylight and feel like nobody would notice.

    9w8 sx/so
    This typewingstack is sometimes diva-esque. May often escape problems by creating a fairyland of beauty and dreams, reflecting how wonderful their life "really" is. Feels the 9's sense of anonymity clashing with the sx-instincts confidence and desire to escape it. Positive self-view, sometimes boldly confident, self-reliant, and won't judge thesmelves by the standards of society. The idea of a soul mate is somebody who can understand them without any words. May develop themselves as a sex symbol, can often come to symbolize whatever qualities they wish to brand themselves with...devoted to charity causes. unlike so/sx, this stacking not only has the ability to make friends with anybody they come in contact with but to entrance people.

    They have a natural instinct for what fits them best in terms of outer appearance, but neither through imitation of others nor adherence to fashion but simply an enhancement of their natural qualities. They may express an unsureness of themselves by trying to vary their appearance but they learn through trial and error on how to look natural without seeming contrived. They want their outer appearance to flow with the grain of their features. They don't want to use outer appearance as a mask to hide behind. Even though they will be receptive to newer fashions, once they find a basic style that suits them, it won’t change much in spite of current fashions.

    They can play host for others or groups. They commit totally to people. They give their trust totally, and hurt totally in the violation of their trust. They will then avoid the source of their pain to let their wounds heal and try again. It’s not that they are blindly trusting of others but they realize for practicality sake that’s the best way to find out whether someone is trustworthy or not. They can certainly suffer disillusionment….

    Romantic and vulnerable... Unions between themselves and others are the epic moments of their life and give them a position of power over life. They are the most inclined 9w8 to merge with aggressive or larger than life people who have a love for life and strength the 9 can admire. Most confessional in relationships and look for people with common emotional experience. They like to break through the others’ inner conflicts. Will put their feelings before morals when it comes to relationships and can fall into libertine patterns. Views sex as private and special. Gives the act an air of mystery and exalts, as opposed to degrade or cheapen, the role that sex plays throughout their life. Doesn’t link vulgarity with attraction. Beauty and mystery go hand in hand with sexuality...and they feel that exposure is less attractive than the right piece of clothing.

    Attracted to openness and strength. Ambitious and use their merging ability to meet the right people to advance themselves but will draw a line about how far they will go. Sometimes reframe the result of their own hyper-merging abilities with others as strong premonitions or eerie abilities of perception.

    9w8 sx/sp
    This 9 stack receives life without hesitation. They exert very little control over their emotional lives and prefer to give themselves total freedom to experience real responses and feelings. They can have an electricity about them that is both simple and regal, being able to unconsciously convey who they are without saying much.

    They don't try to walk or move in an artificial way. They often have a great sense of humour and will push themselves to enjoy the same things as their significant others. Playfulness is especially high with this stack. But they are more rigid about who they give their energy to and are drawn to people who have similar experiences as them. This type can relate to common experience at a nonverbal level, giving them room to create a sense of harmony with others even with those who speak different languages.

    They also have a savvy business sense. And in spite of their liberal attitudes, they can have an old-fashioned approach to raising family and will give more than themselves to those they care about, often finding it very difficult to break away...Can feel oppressed, as they don't often get to do what they want for long periods of time. Sense of being reincarnated in life all the time, redefining themselves out of necessity.

    This type views their realness as having a large potential to reach people who are going through the same problems. Just knowing that gives them more room to be a little 'crazy.' Because they know that they truly aren't alone in their 'craziness.' Fear of pretending in relatonships, just going through the motions. Loses a sense of identity by giving so much of their openness and love to family or lover. It causes them to be overly sensitive to rejection, so constantly looking to do the perfect thing, which can inevitably lead to a break down. The loss of a relationship can devastate them. They may break down into a zombie-like state for years upon end and ultimately do the inevitable unless they can find something to keep them sane.

    9 & 8 Social Roles and Archetypes

    Pt. 9 & 8 SP, SX, SO Subtypes - Average Health Levels

    Pt. 9 & 8 SP, SX, SO Subtypes - Transformed, High Health Levels

    Pt. 9 & 8 SP, SX, SO Subtypes - Energic Qualities

    Pt. 9 & 8 SP, SX, SO Subtypes - Social Roles

    my 9w8 typings -

    Similarities between 9w1 and 9w8:
    Both are peace seeking and dislike conflict
    Both have trouble understanding themselves
    Both are detached and easy going

    1) 9w1 is more uptight and into self-control, while 9w8 is more playful and expansive.
    2) If a 9w1 is late they'll blame themselves: "I didn't start early", while the 9w8 will say: "There was a lot of traffic". 9w1 takes the blame, they didn't live up to a standard, and 9w8 puts it on their environment and on others.
    3) If a 9w1 has a problem they will ignore it and hope it goes away and keep their peaceful state. If a 9w8 has a problem they will come out of their peaceful state and try to destroy and blast the problem, and then go back to their comfort zone.
    4) 9w1 is more refined. and 9w8 is more rugged and bear-like.
    5) 9w1 hates being incompetent or wrong. 9w8 hate being controlled or told what to do.
    6) 9w1 will be more particular, like maybe they will not want to try new things in sex and stick to comfort zones. They are like the peaceful teacher that can be chilled and uptight. 9w8 is kind of like a dog, playful and passionate and will try a lot of things if they are comfortable with the person, in fact 9w8 may cross boundaries and push others into doing what they want.
    7) 9w1s will have high expectations set for themselves and be more hard working. 9w8 will be more easy going and don't care for expectations as much as the 1 wing.
    8) 9w1s will be critical and objective in times of conflict, and bitchy. It will take a whole lot to push the 9w8 to their limit but once they are they will attack the other person wrecklessly but eventually return to a more agreeable and appeasing state.
    9) 9w1 may imagine what it would be like to be a 1. 9w8 may imagine what it would be like to be an 8.
    10) 9w1s can suppress their anger, internalize and build up their discomfort and resentment, and people around them don't see them angry until one day they blow up and leave. 9w8s will vent their discomfort openly on the spot so they don't build it up but let others know where they stand.
    11) 9w1s will hold grudges if something bad is said to them. 9w8 will forget and not really care, but if you do something really bad 9w8 will can turn destructive and vengeful and 9w1 won't go after you as much.
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    they have something about them that reminds me of a "stuck in mud" feeling

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