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Thread: benchmark update

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    Default benchmark update

    rick has made this call, so presumably that means whatever server issues are resolved.

    deadline for benchmark lists is may 31. send them to or somehow get them to sam (hotelambush)

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    I have received NO lists thus far. Rick is MIA, so if you sent them to please re-send them ASAP to

    You can download the form (complete with instructions) at

    If you are using the old form, please read and apply the new instructions (first name then last name).

    A few people (dee, machintruc?) sent their lists a while ago, but I'd prefer if you also re-send them. The list of people typed in the last benchmark is at

    if you need some ideas.

    It might be good to let me know in advance (preferably at the same email address) whether you would like to participate, if you haven't yet compiled a list. The deadline is now the 13th (that should be easy to remember). Until we have as many lists as last time (10, including me) I'm not compiling the results. I can keep resetting the deadline until we have 10, if necessary, but I can't re-compile the results once they have been published.

    If the lists are somewhat longer on average, we could probably have a decent result with less than 10.
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