Actions are related to each other by IM aspects. Actions related by a given element beget further actions (of a different kind) which are themselves related by the element preceding the former in the Model-A function order.
What does this mean? It means firstly, that we must redefine our meaning for information: information is, point blank, the relationship between two acts. Thus, the IM elements function as relators of actions of the same kind to each other. For example, if I speak two words, one after the other, they have a chronological relationship. (referring to the acts of speaking the words) They have a sensory relationship in that they may be dissonant to each other. They may have a logical relationship in that they form a preposition (in the case of "of something"). They may represent a common idea. They are related in that I, myself, have chosen to speak them, and thus are products of my will.