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Thread: Extroverted Introtims and Introverted Extrotims

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    Default Extroverted Introtims and Introverted Extrotims

    What do you think of them ? How do they contribute to society, as opposed to Introverted Introtims and Extroverted Extrotims ?

    Share your opinions here.

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    Interesting. My ESE husband and I were just talking about this yesterday (although not in these specific terms). He had noticed how he's not a full-time extravert. He tends to be more thoughtful and holds back sometimes. He doesn't like to always be in charge of a conversation, or the leader. But he rarely gets into in-depth conversations either. I was mentioning an ESFp that we know and saying how I like him, but he's always really conscious of who else is there, who else he wants to talk to or whatever. He bounces from one person to another saying the same stuff, making jokes, etc. Which is fine but you get the impression he only has so much time for you before he's off to the next person. Always looking around the room.

    I can be very chatty at parties but only if I feel like revving up my Fe. Sometimes I can end up talking for the entire night to one person and having a great time. I've noticed that my SEI friend and I throw around the Fe a lot when we're together. It's just for fun, cause we're in the mood. And I can also tell when we're doing that that we're completely oblivious to our surroundings as well as the time. We're caught up in ourselves and the good feeling of the conversation.

    I'm sure all types contribute in a slightly different way to society so I don't really have any specific opinions on that.
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