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Thread: -Fe = emission/reception

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    Default -Fe = reception, +Fe = emission

    If +Fe is the actual change created by emotional charge, then -Fe, being the objective experience of Fe (which itself is almost an oxymoron), must not be internal changed of objects proper: it must be, rather, the actual reception of the content which initiates change. It could not be the transmission itself, because that is Te work. Nor could it be the conditions for receipt of the charge, because that is Fi. It can only be -Fe.

    And it makes sense. -Ti needs -Fe for relevancy: yes you have this great theory, but is there a market for it? Who will receive it? -Fe knows who is open to receiving what; it knows how to make a charge palpable to a given medium. It knows, in an abstract sense, the marketing of work and ideas from one object to another.

    How does -Fe determine this? By -Fi: X needs A, therefore X will accept A from Y. -Fe matches incoming work with the needs of the reciever, whereas +Fe projects work on basis of the projector's needs. Yet, for +Fe to be accepted it must have a matching -Fe inlet. Does that mean that +Fe is the imposition of mood on others? Well that should be pretty obvious given the nature of ENFjs, but it does lead to a questioning of the "internal dynamics of objects", because as these definitions stand they say a lot about what's being conveyed and received, and very little about what's going on inside the black box of the mind.

    I can only imagine that it would be a matter of looking at the mind as not just one Fe "thing", but as many, many objects all of which are sending Fe back and forth to each other. To understand how the objects are related (particularly, which objects are related to which), you'd need Ti, which would explain why Ti and Fe are dual to each other. Ti, conversely, must know which objects will accept one another's "marketing" to know what actual Te work is being done, which is the basis for Ti.

    (Model-B was helpful in conceptualizing the above, especially the dimensions theory. Asking myself what a "4D" experience of -Fe would be like made such considerations much easier).

    I think +Fe and -Fe, as aspects of information, may be summarized by "projection" and "injection", respectively.
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