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Thread: suspect typing methods

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    Default suspect typing methods

    it just struck me as i was showering that typing through intertype relations (while lacking a reliable source/reference point) is like trying to suds up the sponge with another sponge, one that resembles soap.

    i actually did this cause the light was out in the bathroom.

    and a slightly different idea came to me:

    typing through web cam is like getting an everything bagel, zooming into something like a grain of salt on the surface or a poppy seed, and then labeling the tiny part as the whole bagel.

    my point is that when people are lacking an an observable/salient environment in which to function, how much can really be ascertained?
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    Typing with a webcam's gotta be better than typing through a forum with no visual or auditory information available. It's obviously not ideal.

    But I've seen correlations in motor movements and speech idiosyncrasies with people of the same type, so that might actually be extremely useful. This is especially true if we want to believe that Socionics goes deeper than traits, and is part of the inescapable and inalienable makeup of our psyches.

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