Is anyone familiar with this band? I have a feeling the answer is no, so this thread will probably fade away and be useless, but nevertheless, in the off chance there is another fan around here:

When I really like a band I tend to become obsessed with the people in the band. Trying to find out what they are actually like. Anyway I think Torquil (right on row 2) is an ENFj - he is known for being very dramatic, almost pretentious (you can read his hilariously scathing response to a review of their music here) - he was very entertaining to watch when I saw them live. He would probably do great on a daytime soap, and actually does have a few acting credits to his name. Amy (right on row 1) was much mellower, but still acted out - perhaps an INFp. Chris (left on row 3) was the quietest of them, but he seemed extremely deeply involved in playing the music. In interviews he is very soft spoken and has an intensity about him - I think INFp-Ni. Evan (left on row 1), was a bit hyperactive and kept shouting random things which were funny but made me uncomfortable (he'd probably had a bit to drink though). He has a very physical presence. I haven't read/seen many interviews with him but I think considering the band as a whole ESTp is a good fit for him.