I was curious to see if anyone else had seen Neil Labute's The Shape of Things. Due to the fact that it's a play, I'm more curious as to the film adaptation featuring fellow KU alumni Paul Rudd, as well as Rachel Weisz, Gretchen Mol, and Fred Weller.

Rudd, playing the main character of Adam, I can see as an Se-PoLR. Probably EII given that the help others ask of him seems to fall more squarely in terms of relationships (additionally, his Ti seems to not be too strong). He starts out (and largely continues to be, though changing in many other superficial ways) as an unhealthy (maybe that is slightly too unkind, but that's closer to the mark than off it) version of his type. By the end, he does come off as a stronger person, but at a cost.

Weisz, as Evelyn, is harder to type due to the nature of the story. She seems harshly indifferent to Fi. I'll toss out ENTp as an option, but right now I'm being too 'subjective' to elaborate.

I may add more as I think on it. Weller's character, Phillip, could possibly be some kind of ESxp.