Whoever wrote this must have been viewing us with extremely thick rose-coloured glasses. lol

Female portrait

Kind, courteous, gentle - these are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe the female SEI. Of it some characteristic fascinating femininity, worthy addition of which could become furs and elegant caps. Unusual elegance penetrates in its figure even when it is dressed in the usual, daily clothing, since in this girl there is no angularity whatever, and all its motions graceful and smooth.

With the first encounter with the female SEI is fascinating. She jokes, skillfully she flirts, she knows how to rapidly reduce psychological distance and to enter informal contact. Soft charm penetrates in each motion.

Even modest cloakroom does not prevent DYUMKE from appearing worthily. It as no one knows how to select to itself the detail, which harmoniously is combined with the color of its hair, eyes, lips and even skin. In representatives of this type skillful hands; therefore they wonderfully sew and bind, giving the will of its fantasy. They possess excellent taste. Decollete not will be never too open, namely time itself. Usual single-tone blouse they know how to successfully supplement with any colored sharfikom, beautifully that draping neck. Briefly, exterior view DYUMKI - this is the present work of skill.

The worker of the cadre agency OF THE DUMASES it admonished young girl - new collaborator, telling it as news itself in the office. To the end surprise of girl she nothing said either about the business qualities, which will be required by it on the new work or about the fact that it cannot be been late nor about the fact that it does not stand too it takes a long time to have dinner or to read in the operating time. She said only one: "it is compulsorily necessary properly to dress. In you must be irreproachable office style. Memorize: in this the guarantee of your success ".

In DYUMOCHKI slightly rounded, soft face, the clouded, romantic view it frequently departs to itself, but its quiet pensiveness into any minute can be changed into charming laughter, and then its voice rings as bell. Usually women of this type are very delicate and those brought up, by those by sometimes even acted unsure of themselves. It is difficult to visualize so that they would allow roughness themselves or, do not give god, nonstandard vocabulary.

It is held worthily, mysteriously and coquettish with the acquaintance DYUMKA. It risible and willingly otklikayetsya to your jokes, but it knows how with the merit to deflect obtrusive care. She understands well which occurs between it and partner, and it knows how to make from the relations intrigue. If to cavalier is sufficient resourcefulness, witticism and resourcefulness, he will be succeeded in move on one half-step more forward. Your relations so will begin. Further it will be not less interestingly, especially the fact, who understands.

DYUMOCHKA - excellent keeper of domestic center. It is tender wife and outstanding mistress. It selflessly loves children and it can for long sit with them house. For its family DYUMKA it is ready to endow by career, moreover never it will be sorry about this, finding enormous pleasure in supporting of husband and handling it, living by the interests of children, worry about the house. In the case of divorce or death of husband rapidly it enters into the new marriage, not so much because heavily transfers solitude, as because of its vital tendency about someone to worry.

It is most characteristic for the women of this type two features - unusual patience and the usual readiness to handle others. It is very difficult to derive it from itself, since its philanthropy practically does not know boundaries. It is always ready to understand and to forgive its partner, to smooth the awkwardness allowed by it, to make a form, that it did not note oversight or roughness. It relates to everything this with the understanding and the angelic patience.

Girl friends also can design for it, if they should sob to mountain, share with happiness, if they are necessary sympathy and mutual anxiety. Them they will comfort, and they will feed, and will support, and rassmeshat, and they will distract. Briefly, gloomy thoughts will be scattered as the sleep, when DYUMKA begins to doctor your sincere wounds.

However, the concern of women of this type is extended not only to your state of spirit, but also to the body. DYUMKA excellently prepares and never it will let go guest hungry. Yes even all relatives in it are spoiled by the dear dishes, pickles, jams, pampushkami, pancakes and pirogues. In the skill of the preparation of all possible viands almost no one will be compared with DYUMOCHKAMI. They adore to invite guests, to arrange present holidays for their small company, astonishing all by culinary talents and warming with quiet, but deeply expressive emotionalism.

House DYUMKI - this is the warm house, in which you will be always accepted and given affection. Even the most modest dwelling the woman OF THE DUMASES knows how to surround with the taste and to convert into the comfortable nest. The flowers wonderfully grow in it, and animals love it.

The women OF THE DUMASES are characterized by steady, life-loving nature. In this case they - the most undemanding and most patient, most modest and most unassuming. They are exceptionally good to the children, but those know maminu solid hand, and in their indulgence they do not go beyond the framework established by it. This quiet domestic angel, who does not lose heart even in the most severe times, in the individual rare cases completely knows how to postoyat' for himself and his close ones. True, frequently the delicacy and they hang somewhere else compassion to others, so that it does not reach the matter.

If it seemed you that this romantic- domestic essence cannot learn, then this not then. DYUMKI honestly "gnaw the granite of science" and not less honestly pass examinations, on the course of events charming instructors it is masculine floor and obtaining good marks. Certainly, it is better, if this girl learns not to the engineer, but, for example, to the modeller. In the latter case its vocation will find the suitable embodiment in the profession. Are good also any specialties, which assume in the future work with the people or with the children.