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    Default Dennis Rodman

    Dennis Rodman ILI?

    Sometimes it's hard to find videos of him where he is a) not playing basketball; b) not wearing a decadent oversize hat which covers his forehead and shadows his eyes; and/or c) not wearing sunglasses.



    Some general observations about him (not necessarily type relevant)

    - he's very laid-back, mellow, calm, sedate even
    - after his bout of excessive partying and drinking, it took an ultimatum from those close to him to motivate him to get his shit back together... the ultimatum was that if he didn't get his act together they wouldn't be part of his life anymore
    - he seems to be a rather "soft" and genuinely nice person... as in kind-hearted and certainly not wanting to ever hurt others or see others in pain, gentle nature, empathetic
    - seems to be uncomfortable in the realm of feelings, like how to interpret them, and how to show love, that sort of thing... in fact, I think he's a logical type
    - has trust issues (probably stemming from childhood), and outside his social facade does not easily trust others
    - tends to seem warm and approachable... tends to be nice to anyone who talks to him
    - seems to be extravagant with partying, sex, and alcohol... seems to want to respond to people wanting his attention as much as possible...
    - there was a hint that maybe his drinking at parties had to do with not being comfortable with who he actually is?
    - something happened to end his NBA career that he didn't fully understand... it seems he was "misunderstood" (I don't know much about this) and honestly didn't know how to get back on people's good sides
    - seems to live a carefree, sometimes reckless existence... I'm not sure that it's that he doesn't consider the consequences of his actions/behaviors though... actually it may just *look* like it's carefree... hard to say
    - published a book entitled "I should be dead by now" or something like that
    - does seem to dedicate time in interviews going over relationships between the past, present, future... in his life...
    - once is motivated, is determined to pursue dreams and goals
    - does seem to be a "physical" person
    - actually doesn't seem to be much of an initiator... has a quality of inertia about him... as though it helps him when others get his ass in gear
    - is soft-spoken somewhat, but doesn't seem shy or anti-social... seems to easily talk and interact with others
    - deadpan voice often... lazy speech... talks slowly, thoughtfully... eyes seem to droop (when you can see them that is)... unfortunately have a hard time telling anything by his eyes
    - seems rather lazy
    - seems to be pretty clueless about creating and maintaining relationships.
    - non-committal
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