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Thread: The likely type of this other person and me

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    Default The likely type of this other person and me

    My socionics type is either ILI or LII, as you may know. For those who believe in MBTI-Socionics correlations, my MBTI type is probably INTP, but could also be INTJ. Here is a conversation with an MBTI INTP on AIM, where MBTI is largely discussed. What do you think is the socionic interpersonal relationship that is occurring here, and thus, the type of the other person as well as me?

    S purpuratus (08:22:46 pm): [individual A] still annoys me.
    xeno11lhar (08:23:02 pm): She begins to annoy even more than she previously did.
    S purpuratus (08:23:10 pm): Indeed.
    xeno11lhar (08:23:25 pm): [individual B] also irks me.
    S purpuratus (08:23:44 pm): Yes, she does.
    S purpuratus (08:23:55 pm): [This and that] is a perfect example of her notable dumbfuckery.
    xeno11lhar (08:24:02 pm): Agreed.
    xeno11lhar (08:24:32 pm): There is also some Bible-thumper who pisses me off to no end.
    S purpuratus (08:26:02 pm): Also, [individual A] is kind of ugly.
    S purpuratus (08:26:10 pm): I don't know why she shows her face off.
    xeno11lhar (08:26:22 pm): Ah, so the avatar is a photograph of her?
    S purpuratus (08:26:29 pm): Yes.
    S purpuratus (08:30:40 pm): Looks like a troll.
    xeno11lhar (08:31:09 pm): Hm. I think that the individual is a sincere yet ignorant buffoon.
    xeno11lhar (08:32:12 pm): I honestly don't care about an invidual's fanatical religious beliefs, but I do generally dislike when such people try to shove Jesus down my esophogus.
    S purpuratus (08:32:46 pm): Ignore them.
    xeno11lhar (08:32:51 pm): I do.
    S purpuratus (08:33:02 pm): Not in that forum thread you didn't.
    xeno11lhar (08:34:03 pm): True. I thought I might try to make the person look at other perpsectives, but at this point, I give up with such people. They are usually to dogmatic to be convinced otherwise.
    S purpuratus (08:34:19 pm): You like poking them, though.
    S purpuratus (08:34:24 pm): You like the argument.
    xeno11lhar (08:34:24 pm): True.
    S purpuratus (08:34:34 pm): *cough* INTJ *cough*
    xeno11lhar (08:34:37 pm): Well, I didn't really like the argument.
    xeno11lhar (08:34:55 pm): I was actually rather perturbed by it.
    S purpuratus (08:35:07 pm): But you perpetuated it.
    xeno11lhar (08:36:05 pm): A valid point. I was never, though, trying to force an opinion on anyone. I was merely curious as to why on earth the person believed as he/she did. Never again will I attempt something similar, because it is, rather frankly, to stressful, and undoubtedly going to fail.
    xeno11lhar (08:36:16 pm): *too stressful
    S purpuratus (08:36:37 pm): I never said you were trying to force an opinion on anyone. However, you like the battle of wits.
    S purpuratus (08:36:40 pm): Such as it is.
    xeno11lhar (08:36:51 pm): Perhaps to a certain degree.
    xeno11lhar (08:36:59 pm): But I do still get rather stressed.
    xeno11lhar (08:37:48 pm): On a slightly related topic, I have noticed that despite INTJs being Ts, they often tend to get very defensive and illogical when you question their personal beliefs.
    S purpuratus (08:38:03 pm): It's the Ni.
    xeno11lhar (08:39:19 pm): Indeed. I once asked my INTJ friend what logical reasons she had for believing in a monotheistic deity (out of mere curiosity), and she responded by saying that she doesn't wish to discuss it because it is too personal and, regardless, she is certain that a God exists.
    xeno11lhar (08:39:33 pm): I think a lot of it might also have to do with the tertiary Fi.
    S purpuratus (08:39:43 pm): No, this isn't an F thing.
    xeno11lhar (08:39:56 pm): Oh?
    S purpuratus (08:39:57 pm): This is the sign of an introverted perceiving function.
    S purpuratus (08:40:08 pm): They're generating their data from within.
    xeno11lhar (08:40:23 pm): Very true.
    xeno11lhar (08:40:42 pm): But, Fi makes internal judgments based of non-logical standards.
    xeno11lhar (08:41:23 pm): But, then again, that would not explain why INFJs behave in a similar manner, as they have tertiary Ti.
    xeno11lhar (08:41:33 pm): I suppose you are most likely correct, then.
    xeno11lhar (08:58:59 pm): But to be completely honest, though, I am still not entirely sure as to whether I am INTJ or INTP.
    S purpuratus (08:59:15 pm): I wasn't for a while.
    S purpuratus (08:59:24 pm): I figured it out by contrasting myself with others.
    xeno11lhar (08:59:31 pm): The fact that I have been wavering on this matter for about a yeat or so suggests P.
    xeno11lhar (08:59:44 pm): But some of my obsessive tendencies suggest J.
    xeno11lhar (09:00:12 pm): Aha.
    xeno11lhar (09:00:23 pm): What is your personal opinion of Uberfuhrer?
    S purpuratus (09:01:01 pm): He's okay. I've conversed with him outside of MBTIc. He's a bit of an attention-seeker, though.
    xeno11lhar (09:01:35 pm): True. Some of his radical statements, I think, are more for shock value than for a genuine expression of opinion and value.
    S purpuratus (09:02:01 pm): Yes.
    S purpuratus (09:02:52 pm): I also thought about INTJs and INTPs I know.
    S purpuratus (09:02:55 pm): In real life.
    xeno11lhar (09:03:40 pm): Hm. I do not think I know too many confirmed INTJs. Definitely less than INTPs. One thing that definitely does not indicate INTJ for me is how INTJs are depicted as having a strong drive for application. This does not accurately describe me.
    S purpuratus (09:04:57 pm): It's not always true.
    S purpuratus (09:05:10 pm): I feel like they have a strong drive to see their projects come to completion.
    S purpuratus (09:05:16 pm): But that doesn't mean they must be applied.
    xeno11lhar (09:05:20 pm): Hm.
    S purpuratus (09:05:26 pm): INTPs have more of a tendency to drop things when they tire of them.
    xeno11lhar (09:05:58 pm): Both describe me. I like to see my projects to be realized, yet I sometimes get too lazy half-way (depending on the project, though).
    xeno11lhar (09:06:48 pm): Also, the aspect of INTPs being very detached and absent-minded suits me rather well.
    S purpuratus (09:07:08 pm): Both are very emotionally distant.
    xeno11lhar (09:07:12 pm): True.
    S purpuratus (09:07:15 pm): That's just an I_T_ thing.
    xeno11lhar (09:07:25 pm): But I would tend to think INTPs moreso than INTJs.
    xeno11lhar (09:07:36 pm): At least slightly.
    xeno11lhar (09:07:42 pm): With all of that extremely focused Ti.
    S purpuratus (09:07:45 pm): Not from what I've read.
    S purpuratus (09:08:28 pm): Emotional distance is a commonality of theirs.
    xeno11lhar (09:09:12 pm): True, but I think that it would be easier for them to make an emotionally-based choice than an INTP, since INTJs are not Thinking-dominant.
    xeno11lhar (09:09:30 pm): But nothing is every exact.
    xeno11lhar (09:09:39 pm): There will always be exceptions.
    xeno11lhar (09:09:47 pm): *ever
    xeno11lhar (09:13:13 pm): Which type do you think would be more prone to methodical focus in terms of fine-tuning a theoretical construct? Would it be an INTP due to the Ti-Si dominant-tertiary combination, or would it be the INTJ, since an INTJ is a J?
    S purpuratus (09:14:30 pm): Either. You're splitting hairs.
    S purpuratus (09:14:43 pm): Your asking whether this apple or that apple is more apple-flavored.
    xeno11lhar (09:14:57 pm): An interesting way to look at the situation.
    xeno11lhar (09:15:15 pm): I suppose I am really nit-picking this issue too much.
    S purpuratus (09:15:19 pm): Yes, you are.
    xeno11lhar (09:15:46 pm): For now, my status will be INTP, unless some new data indicates otherwise.
    S purpuratus (09:17:12 pm): For what it's worth, my intuition pegs you as an INTJ.
    S purpuratus (09:17:21 pm): But I'm judging strictly from our contact.
    xeno11lhar (09:18:01 pm): If I am a P, though, I certainly do have quite a few J tendencies, which may very well be attributed to my OCD.
    S purpuratus (09:18:14 pm): Are you diagnosed?
    xeno11lhar (09:18:17 pm): Yes.
    S purpuratus (09:18:29 pm): That is a J feature, yes.
    xeno11lhar (09:19:04 pm): Indeed.
    xeno11lhar (09:19:18 pm): It can be a rather torturous disorder when severe.
    S purpuratus (09:19:37 pm): I have had Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, and Bulimia Nervosa.
    S purpuratus (09:19:59 pm): From my experience in Eating Disorder programs, obsessive thinking is _heavily_ tied to Js.
    xeno11lhar (09:20:24 pm): I would expect most disorders involving obsession of some form or another would be more tied to Js than Ps.
    xeno11lhar (09:20:36 pm): Out of curiosity, what did the PTSD stem from?
    S purpuratus (09:21:20 pm): Abuse.
    xeno11lhar (09:21:27 pm): Ah.
    xeno11lhar (09:21:52 pm): Verbal, physical, sexual, or a combination thereof?
    S purpuratus (09:22:18 pm): Sexual.
    xeno11lhar (09:22:29 pm): Aha.
    xeno11lhar (09:23:53 pm): The only psychiatric anomalies that I have been diagnosed is OCD. One psychiatrist, though, believed that I had "very morbid tendencies" and was "detached from reality." Asperger's has also been proposed, but never diagnosed.
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    S purpuratus (09:24:16 pm): If you look hard enough, everyone has something.
    xeno11lhar (09:24:32 pm): True.
    S purpuratus (09:24:36 pm): I have Schizoid and Schizotypal tendencies.
    S purpuratus (09:24:48 pm): And I score moderately high on the Aspergers scale.
    S purpuratus (09:24:55 pm): No to a degree that merits diagnosis.
    S purpuratus (09:25:01 pm): Because it doesn't interfere with my life.
    xeno11lhar (09:25:51 pm): You scored 24 on the AQ test, correct?
    S purpuratus (09:26:53 pm): Yeah.
    xeno11lhar (09:27:02 pm): Hm
    xeno11lhar (09:27:03 pm): *.
    xeno11lhar (09:27:10 pm): My score was relatively high.
    S purpuratus (09:27:17 pm): What did you score?
    xeno11lhar (09:27:17 pm): 47, if I remember correctly.
    S purpuratus (09:27:27 pm): That's incredibly high.
    xeno11lhar (09:27:32 pm): I am aware.
    S purpuratus (09:27:40 pm): Does the scale even go that high?
    xeno11lhar (09:27:46 pm): 50 is the highest, I think.
    S purpuratus (09:27:49 pm): Okay.
    S purpuratus (09:27:55 pm): Average is something like 16.
    xeno11lhar (09:27:59 pm): Indeed.
    xeno11lhar (09:28:12 pm): I also took the EQ/SQ test which strongly indicated Asperger's.
    xeno11lhar (09:28:40 pm): (That is, the Empathy/Systemmizing Quoteint)
    S purpuratus (09:28:51 pm): I haven't taken that.
    xeno11lhar (09:29:14 pm): Apparently, the average empathy score for males was around 40 and the average systemmizing score was 60.
    xeno11lhar (09:29:19 pm): My empathy score was 6.
    xeno11lhar (09:29:27 pm): My systemmizing score was 116.
    S purpuratus (09:29:51 pm): I don't have Asperger's. I am just a very archetypical Jungian introvert with a very strong T.
    xeno11lhar (09:30:03 pm): Same.
    xeno11lhar (09:30:11 pm): Though my N is stronger than my T.
    S purpuratus (09:30:26 pm): Mine are both quite strong, but I think my T is a bit stronger.
    xeno11lhar (09:31:08 pm): Even though, in my opinion, logic is virtually the only tool one can use to make sound judgments, I still use my imagination more than logic.
    S purpuratus (09:31:09 pm): INTP
    S purpuratus (09:31:53 pm): You can't control your type.
    xeno11lhar (09:31:58 pm): I am aware.
    S purpuratus (09:32:26 pm): If you use your imagination more than logic, that points towards Ni primary.
    S purpuratus (09:32:30 pm): Te secondary.
    S purpuratus (09:32:33 pm): (INTJ)
    xeno11lhar (09:32:44 pm): True, but I like Ti more than Te.
    S purpuratus (09:32:55 pm): That has nothing to do with it.
    xeno11lhar (09:33:00 pm): Based off descriptions of Ti and functional tests.
    S purpuratus (09:33:15 pm): My Ne and Ni are quite close together.
    xeno11lhar (09:33:37 pm): I took the cognititve functions test, and my Ne, Ni, and Ti were all equal.
    S purpuratus (09:33:37 pm): Not everyone has the exact hierarchy of functions.
    xeno11lhar (09:33:56 pm): My Te, accordingly, was the fourth strongest.
    S purpuratus (09:33:59 pm): Again, I'm just telling you what my impression of you is from interacton.
    xeno11lhar (09:34:05 pm): Indeed.
    S purpuratus (09:34:35 pm): Mine was Ti Ne Te Ni, I think. Perhaps Ti Ne Ni Te.
    xeno11lhar (09:35:03 pm): The former would, according to Jung, be most typical of an INTP.
    S purpuratus (09:35:36 pm): I don't actually remember.
    xeno11lhar (09:35:43 pm): My Fe and Se hardly even exist.
    S purpuratus (09:35:59 pm): My Ss are slightly there.
    S purpuratus (09:36:03 pm): My Fs are nil.
    xeno11lhar (09:36:10 pm): My Si is ok.
    S purpuratus (09:36:21 pm): My Ss have developed from my work with art.
    xeno11lhar (09:36:25 pm): Aha.
    S purpuratus (09:36:28 pm): I've done a fair amount of arts of different sorts.
    xeno11lhar (09:36:43 pm): My Se is terrible, which is extremely obvious when one meets me.
    S purpuratus (09:37:45 pm): I can dress well when I choose to.
    xeno11lhar (09:38:10 pm): I am terrible at that. According to most people, I have no sense of what matches. My setup was something like this: Ni/Ti/Ne, Te, Si/Fi, Fe/Se.
    xeno11lhar (09:39:28 pm): My Si is much better than my Se.
    S purpuratus (09:39:35 pm): Mine is more like Ti, Ne/Te/Ni, Si/Se, Fi, Fe.
    S purpuratus (09:39:45 pm): Mine are pretty equal.
    S purpuratus (09:39:53 pm): My Fe is missing.
    xeno11lhar (09:40:03 pm): I hardly notice things in the present that are obvious to others, yet I somehow recall minute details that nobody else noticed.
    S purpuratus (09:40:33 pm): One thing that makes me less of a typical INTP.
    S purpuratus (09:40:41 pm): I'm a good actress.
    xeno11lhar (09:40:50 pm): I am pretty good at acting.
    xeno11lhar (09:41:13 pm): I think ISTPs would be the worst actors, but this is only a hunch,
    xeno11lhar (09:41:15 pm): *.
    S purpuratus (09:41:16 pm): I get consumed by a character.
    S purpuratus (09:41:18 pm): To the point that I've had short blackouts while acting.
    S purpuratus (09:41:20 pm): Because the character has been so overcome with emotions.
    xeno11lhar (09:41:38 pm): I never relate emotionally to the characters I play.
    S purpuratus (09:41:46 pm): I just become them.
    S purpuratus (09:42:05 pm): Which must be why I'm so good.
    xeno11lhar (09:42:24 pm): Hm.
    S purpuratus (09:42:49 pm): Last week I was doing a live action role play, soft (which means it's basically straight improv, no character sheets).
    S purpuratus (09:43:00 pm): And my character became overcome with anger.
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    S purpuratus (09:43:06 pm): And she lept across the room to stab someone.
    S purpuratus (09:43:30 pm): All I remember is getting out of my seat to leap across the room, then being on the floor, tackled and bearhugged by another player.
    S purpuratus (09:43:35 pm): The in-between stuff is missing.
    xeno11lhar (09:43:42 pm): That is quite odd.
    S purpuratus (09:43:47 pm): Not really.
    S purpuratus (09:43:55 pm): I feel like blackouts happen in rages like that.
    S purpuratus (09:44:06 pm): The only odd part is that it wasn't my rage.
    xeno11lhar (09:44:12 pm): I have never had a blackout, so in my eyes, it seems odd.
    S purpuratus (09:44:32 pm): I used to depersonalize.
    S purpuratus (09:44:38 pm): Which is a really weird experience.
    xeno11lhar (09:44:48 pm): How would you describe it?
    S purpuratus (09:44:49 pm): Not an altogether pleasent one, either.
    S purpuratus (09:45:00 pm): You feel like you're watching from an observatory in your brain.
    S purpuratus (09:45:07 pm): And that you're not actually in control of anything.
    S purpuratus (09:45:20 pm): You're not yourself anymore.
    S purpuratus (09:45:38 pm): It's hard to describe.
    S purpuratus (09:45:45 pm): I used to get it when I was a kid.
    S purpuratus (09:45:51 pm): Then again with my PTSD.
    S purpuratus (09:46:03 pm): A few memories I have are in the third person.
    xeno11lhar (09:46:24 pm): Speaking of mental/physical states, I have had these odd, visionary, dream-like, synesthetic states where I become completely detached and I feel as if I see the grand plan of the universe.
    xeno11lhar (09:46:55 pm): It is impossible for me to articulate what it feels like.
    xeno11lhar (09:47:08 pm): It is a wave of images and abstractions that can not be translated into words.
    S purpuratus (09:47:37 pm): Sounds like Ni.
    xeno11lhar (09:47:46 pm): Hm.
    xeno11lhar (09:47:53 pm): That sounds about right.
    xeno11lhar (09:49:08 pm): During my days of severe OCD, I had similar states, but instead they revolved around deadly possibilities and caused a sense of fear and anxiety.
    S purpuratus (09:49:21 pm): I see.
    xeno11lhar (09:49:35 pm): What do you think is MBTI type of John F. Nash?
    xeno11lhar (09:49:42 pm): INTJ or INTP?
    S purpuratus (09:50:07 pm): The pattern-finding obsession sounds like Ne.
    S purpuratus (09:50:10 pm): So maybe INTP.
    xeno11lhar (09:50:15 pm): Hm.
    xeno11lhar (09:51:24 pm): Do you watch professional theatrical performances?
    S purpuratus (09:52:08 pm): On occasion.
    xeno11lhar (09:52:31 pm): What so far have you seen?
    S purpuratus (09:53:37 pm): I can't think of them all right now.
    xeno11lhar (09:53:43 pm): Aha.
    S purpuratus (09:53:44 pm): A handful of Broadway shows.
    S purpuratus (09:53:51 pm): Some other ones more locally.
    xeno11lhar (09:54:14 pm): Which Broadway shows? Or at least, which ones that struck you as being most noteworthy?
    S purpuratus (09:54:33 pm): Julius Caesar was good.
    S purpuratus (09:54:48 pm): I saw Wicked and Spamalot, and thought both were overrated.
    xeno11lhar (09:55:00 pm): Did you see Avenue Q?
    S purpuratus (09:55:04 pm): No.
    xeno11lhar (09:55:12 pm): Phantom of the Opera?
    S purpuratus (09:55:18 pm): I hate Webber.
    S purpuratus (09:55:36 pm): With the exception of Jesus Christ Superstar.
    xeno11lhar (09:55:44 pm): Hm.
    xeno11lhar (09:56:50 pm): You are going to Reed College, correct?
    S purpuratus (09:56:54 pm): Yes.
    xeno11lhar (09:57:35 pm): Apparently, Chris Langan, man with the highest IQ tested on the planet attended Reed College.
    S purpuratus (09:58:13 pm): Cool.
    S purpuratus (09:58:18 pm): I did not know that.
    xeno11lhar (09:58:56 pm): Off topic: Have you ever seen the film Pi?
    S purpuratus (09:59:22 pm): Yes.
    xeno11lhar (09:59:31 pm): Your opinion of it?
    S purpuratus (10:00:00 pm): I liked it.
    xeno11lhar (10:00:23 pm): I enjoyed the main character's migraine experiences.
    S purpuratus (10:00:31 pm): Okay.
    xeno11lhar (10:00:54 pm): A lot of it was flawed, though.
    S purpuratus (10:01:21 pm): There wasn't much in it. They didn't go into detail.
    xeno11lhar (10:01:28 pm): Such as the main character referring to the golden ratio with the Greek letter pheta instead of phi.
    S purpuratus (10:01:55 pm): That's not flawed mathematics.
    S purpuratus (10:02:03 pm): That's you nitpicking.
    xeno11lhar (10:02:11 pm): Sorry, forgive my semantics.
    xeno11lhar (10:02:16 pm): Flawed information.
    S purpuratus (10:02:19 pm): Which you are doing to be superior to the film, which you are not.
    xeno11lhar (10:02:26 pm): That is false.
    S purpuratus (10:02:31 pm): I believe it to be true.
    xeno11lhar (10:02:34 pm): Why?
    S purpuratus (10:03:31 pm): Because I've seen this behavior before, and whether the person was conscious of it or not, they were trying to assert their own merit and authority on the matter.
    S purpuratus (10:03:45 pm): It was an egotistical exercise in every instance I can recal.
    S purpuratus (10:03:47 pm): +l
    xeno11lhar (10:04:18 pm): +1?
    S purpuratus (10:04:31 pm): I forgot an l.
    S purpuratus (10:04:41 pm): In recall.
    xeno11lhar (10:05:31 pm): I still do not see looking at my own thought process how me being disturbed my a factual flaw has anything to do with asserting superiority. I see it as my OCD seeping into things.
    xeno11lhar (10:05:44 pm): I do it all the time.
    S purpuratus (10:07:07 pm): Pointing it out as "flawed mathematics" brings nothing to this conversation except as potential evidence of your intellectual prowess.
    S purpuratus (10:07:19 pm): Which, while I do believe you are smart, I do not find interesting.
    S purpuratus (10:07:27 pm): But you are young yet.
    S purpuratus (10:07:35 pm): And at some point will realize these things.
    xeno11lhar (10:07:49 pm): The "flawed mathematics" was a semantic error.
    S purpuratus (10:07:54 pm): It took me a while too, though I expressed them in different ways.
    xeno11lhar (10:09:57 pm): Although such may be the norm with most people, I am relatively sure that this particulary instance is not indicative of such. When I hear or see a flaw in precision, I often feel extremely anxious if I do not point it out.
    xeno11lhar (10:10:20 pm): Which has been determined to be a subset of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    S purpuratus (10:10:55 pm): I do not believe that is your true motive, but you may not be aware of the indirect ploys of your ego.
    xeno11lhar (10:11:35 pm): Ok, but is the determining factor that makes one possibility more likely in your eyes than the other?
    xeno11lhar (10:11:39 pm): *what is
    S purpuratus (10:11:56 pm): What I've seen with other people I've known.
    S purpuratus (10:12:11 pm): And your likenesses to them.
    xeno11lhar (10:12:25 pm): Yes, but people vary immensely.
    S purpuratus (10:12:40 pm): Patterns still emerge.
    xeno11lhar (10:12:59 pm): Did these other people have severe OCD?
    S purpuratus (10:13:25 pm): No, but I do not believe that OCD is the beginning and end of your personality. You are not exempt from humanity.
    xeno11lhar (10:15:14 pm): True, but taking into consideration the new factors that are brought in by the presence of OCD, one must take into accept the possibility of the cause being different, regardless of the result being the same.
    xeno11lhar (10:15:31 pm): And it was never insinuated that I was exempt from humanity.
    S purpuratus (10:16:13 pm): I believe that OCD being the cause of this behavior to be less likely than simple subconscious desire to assert intellectual prowess.
    xeno11lhar (10:16:53 pm): For whatever reason, I tend to trust neurological explanations more then Freudian ones.
    S purpuratus (10:17:24 pm): Your behavior is not rare.
    xeno11lhar (10:17:32 pm): I never said it was.
    S purpuratus (10:17:36 pm): Therefore, I am hesitant to chalk it up to a rare disorder.
    xeno11lhar (10:17:45 pm): OCD is not rare.
    S purpuratus (10:18:01 pm): Rarer than simple behavioral patterns.
    S purpuratus (10:18:21 pm): And at this point you know what I believe.
    xeno11lhar (10:18:25 pm): There is a 1% chance of it occuring in any given individual, with elevated chances if there are co-morbid abnormalities.
    xeno11lhar (10:18:30 pm): Very well. I care little of your opinion.
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