I've concluded that not all creative leaders (myself included) are capable of observing the backlash created by creating novel content before it happens. Such people have difficulty "looking twice" before they leap.

(Am I defective? Am I limited? Am I inferior?)

What this means is, there is a higher leadership class I dub "consensus leader". Consensus leaders are careful to evaluate not only how their creative contributions can help others, but also how these contributions could come back to haunt them. In this sense they are far from "selfless": they will choose the best compromise between creative idealism and realist maneuvering. (unless they are truely altruistic, in which case they can disregard their own safety and choose the best creative option regardless.)

I should go ahead and say that the XXXx, as I originally conceived of it, was this type. Although the phenomenon I have since identified as dual-type theory -- namely, the intuitive perception of two types-worth of information elements in speech -- was my original evidence claim for the existence of the XXXx crosstypes, the idea itself was of an absolute "master race" that controlled the rest of the world by sheer force of ultimate will. I think typeless or no, the consensus leader matches this mold. It is the type of a natural ruler of a state, a person who whatever their innate political persuasion bridges the partisan divide while putting the best possible face on their psychic subdomain. In the positive, think Barack Obama; in the negative, think Adolf Hitler.

I hold that a creative leader who concentrates first and foremost on what they can offer has higher potential to create meaningful and superior content and therefore, occupies a higher moral strata.

I'm glad I've got my "flaws": it means I'm human, and it means I'm strong. Stronger than someone who would self-manage their own ego by limiting their own sense of imagination. At least I stand for something, I believe in something.

You consensus leader types -- you know who you are -- may think yourselves superior leadership material, and maybe you are. But you will never know what it means to be truely afraid, never know what it means to be rejected by anyone. Well let me tell you now: I have cut off a segment of my heart from you; you cannot see it. Now, you know what it means to be rejected.